Instagram – an app that no longer needs an introduction for anyone to understand, has outgrown its impression of being a medium of fun for millennials and teens. It is now extensively used by people of almost all age groups even for essential purposes like business and marketing.

With its easy to use interface, Instagram became immensely popular among everyone, from the common public to influencers, the e-commerce industry, and marketers. But doesn’t matter how new or old you are to Instagram, here are some not-so-hidden Instagram hacks that people often tend to miss:

1. Copy Other Users’ Captions, Comments, and Bio

Remember the time when you wanted to copy that enticing caption so bad, but couldn’t. So you take a screenshot and rewrite it separately. Annoying, right? Here’s a trick how you can directly copy the caption, content, and comments of your desired post:

1. Visit the post and click on the three dots icon. Select the Copy Link option.
2. Paste this link on any Web Browser ( Chrome, Firefox, etc.)
3. From here you can copy anything from that particular post.

Coming to the Instagram bio, you can directly open that Insta profile on any web browser, then start copying the bio.


2. Add Line Breaks in Captions and Bio

Try adding line breaks in your captions/bio to organize your content. You know the result, Instagram will directly delete it. Aargh! But who wants a difficult to read, long paragraph when you can actually add spaces in between your lines using the following tips:

1. Write your desired content on the notepad, copy it then paste it on your bio or comments instead of directly writing it on the Instagram app.
2. Do not hit the space button after the last word/punctuation after which you want to add a line break. Press enter immediately.
3. Add a symbol (say, a full stop) and invisible blanks [       ] after you click enter. Perform this on the notepad.
4. Now press enter and write the remaining content. You can add more line breaks in continuation using this hack.



3. Reorder Filters that You Use More Often

If you’re like me, you probably have some selected filters that you repeat in every pic you upload and get annoyed while scrolling to find them every single time. Phew! But here’s a way how you can keep them In front, handy to use:

1. Upload a pic, and Instagram will automatically come up with filters.
2. Scroll right till the list of filters end and click on Manage.
3. Here you get a long list of all the filters which you can add, hide, and rearrange as you wish.

Bonus Tip: You also get to see some hidden/extra filters here. (Yaaay)


4. Hide Old Posts without Deleting them

There are times when you’re not sure if you still want to keep your embarrassing old pic on display or remove that piece of nostalgia once and for all. Luckily, you don’t have to delete it. Just follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Go to your Instagram profile and select the image you want to hide.
2. Click on the 3-dot icon > Archive.
3. The selected pic will hide from your profile display. However, you can still find it by clicking on the Clock icon.
4. To get back your archived pic into your Instagram display, select the photo, click on the 3-dot button > Show on Profile.


Instagram hacks

5. Play Music on Stories

Though this feature recently became #cool, with people posting nothing but songs in their stories, a majority of the people don’t know how to use the Instagram Music Sticker. It’s easy, and you can keep the trend going using the following steps:

1. Download the latest version of Instagram on your Android or iOS.
2. Take a photo or video using your Instagram camera and tap on the stickers icon on the top.
3. Select the Music option and choose a song from the music library.
4. Tap the Play button to preview, then choose the part that fits your story.
5. You can also choose the duration of your song (max 15 mins) and add lyrics, if available.


6. Look Through Pics WITHOUT Liking

Now, this is one of the best Instagram hacks that I wish I knew before accidentally liking a remarkably old pic of my crush. Yikes! Well, you can certainly avoid any such mishap by following these steps:

1. Open Instagram, select the profile whose posts you want to view, and wait for the app to load the pictures.
2. When some of the pics get loaded, say 50, turn on the Airplane mode.
3. Now even if you like a post willingly in this mode, Instagram will not receive this signal and will not deliver the like after you turn off the Airplane mode (try it!).
4. Repeat the step after loading further pics from that profile.


7. Rearrange Stories Highlights

There are times when you want your previous highlights to stay in the front of your profile, but they get pushed to the right as you keep adding newer highlights. So basically, Instagram works in chronological order, and you can exploit this feature to bring that highlight back in front:

1. Add a random story into your highlights from your Archives folder (even if it is irrelevant).
2. The highlight will automatically revert to the front. Now go to Edit Highlight and delete the recently posted story.
3. Repeat this process for your major highlights in reverse order to get the newly updated ones in the very front.

Note: You can also add a new picture (instead of going to archives). Deleting the pic immediately after posting it would automatically delete it from highlights too, but would still show that highlight in front.



8. Automate your Instagram Account to Save Time:

Has managing your Instagram account become too hectic for you? Too busy to post, reply, like, or comment? Use automation software like to automate your Instagram account.

To know more, visit, Social Media Automation Software – The Best Way to Automate Instagram.

9. Create Folders To Categorize your Saved Posts

It becomes so difficult not to save something when scrolling through the discover section! But it is also tiresome to search for that post again among all the n number of saved posts. Save your precious time by creating folders in these steps:

1. Hold press the save icon the next time you want to save a post.
2. You will get an option of Add New Category.
3. Create desired categories and save posts in those categories accordingly.
4. You can also remove a post from one category and add it to another one, or add a single post in multiple categories.


10. Set a Highlights Cover Without Publishing It

Who says that you cannot replace your highlight icon with a pic that you won’t be uploading on your story? Reality is, you don’t even have to add it in your Highlights, duh! Follow these steps to change your Highlights cover as and when you like:

1. Long press the highlight you want to edit, then go to Edit Highlight.
2. Tap on Edit Cover and click on the Image icon.
3. Choose your desired image from the camera roll.


11. Hide Tagged Photos and Approve Before they show up In Your Profile

You might want to meet that person who keeps tagging you and 25 others in their posts, and ask them what’s the matter with them. But till then, you can at least hide those pics from your Insta profile using the following steps:

1. Go to your Settings > Privacy > Tags.
2. You will get an option of Add Automatically. Tap next to it to turn it off.
3. If you’re opening it on your computer, click on Add Manually below Photos Of You.
4. Now you will be notified when someone tags you in a post and add it in your post if you wish to.

To hide any posts you are tagged in already, Click on Hide Photos, and Videos in the Tags option, select the posts and click on the Hide.


12. Prioritize Your DMs with Creator Profile

Instagram has come up with a very innovative option for Influencers which can distinguish them from Businessmen- the Creator Profile. If a user switches to this profile, they get many benefits, including streamlining their DMs.

In other words, you can categorize your chat heads into the following:

Primary – Messages that you receive and get notifications.
General- Messages that you receive but don’t get notified for it.
Requests- Messages from profiles that you don’t follow.

So you can prioritize your family, friends, and other significant profiles and get notified about their DMs.



13. Manage Multiple Accounts from the Same Device

Yes, you read it right! Instagram allows you to manage a maximum of 5 accounts from the same device, without downloading the app again (like you would do for a Messenger). All you need to do is follow these steps:

1. Go to your profile > Settings > Add Account.
2. Log In to the account that you want to add.
3. Tap and hold the account icon on the bottom right side to switch between the multiple accounts.

You don’t have to log in and out of these accounts while switching! #hacks


14. See the Posts Your Friends Recently Liked or Commented on

Trust me, this blog doesn’t teach you to stalk and be a creep, but this hack is an easy one, of which some of us might already be aware. You can get a sneak peek on your friends activities using these steps:

1. Open the official Instagram app and click on the ❤ option.
2. Here you will get all the notifications of your post. Now on the top left, select Following.
3. Here you go. You get to see what your friends liked, commented or followed recently under this option.


15. Save Edited Photos on Instagram Feed without Posting them

Using your Insta app as a photo editor is one of the best Instagram hacks. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Go to Settings and turn on Save Original Photos.
2. Select the pic you want to edit in the New Post option and edit it as you desire.
3. Turn on the Airplane Mode, then post the pics.

The pic actually won’t post but will be saved on your device! Yuhoo!


16. Send Edited Photos Privately to Friends

Love Instagram filters? Wouldn’t it be great if you got an option to share your edited Instagram photos directly with your friends? Well, there’s already an option to do so:

1. Upload a new pic and edit it.
2. Now go to the Share option, click on New Post on the top.
3. Select the Direct Message Option and choose the person/profile with whom you want to share your picture. Easy, right?


17. Tag a Post with Products

Make it easier for your viewers to know the price of a product featured on your post, without them having to visit your website and search for the same product again.

Now before you begin, you need to be approved for Instagram shopping. You can then follow the mentioned steps to add a shoppable post:

1. Go to settings and tap on Business.
2. Select Shopping and click on Continue.
3. Select a product catalog that you would connect to your business profile.
4. Click Done.



18. Browse Pics and Videos Posted from a Particular Location

Though this is an old feature, you might not be very much aware of its use. You can geo-target your Instagram search into a particular location using these steps:

1. Go to the search option and type the place on which you want your results.
2. You will get options to choose from People, Tags, and Places.
3. Go to Places and choose the location. You also get the option of choosing a current location.

Now you can see posts geo-targeted to only a particular location.


19. Hide Irrelevant Ads

All the profiles and ads pop up in your Instagram feed and stories based on which posts you liked or commented on, the people you follow, and the websites you visited via Instagram.

But Instagram is just an app that runs on algorithms designed to show you relatable content, which means it does not actually know which posts you may like. If the sponsored ads that pop up don’t match your interest, you can tell Instagram that you would not prefer to see them further.

Just click on the three dots on the right side of the Ad, and tap on Hide This. Your job ends here!


Bonus Hack:

Hey there! I’m so glad you hung on to this part. Tadaaaa! As a reward, you get a bonus hack.
Want to know how much time you spend on Instagram and set a reminder to limit your time? Here’s how you can do it:

1. Tap the hamburger menu on your profile and go to Settings.
2. Go to Account > Your Activity. Here you get all the stats of the time you spend on Instagram.
3. Scroll down, and you get an option of Set Daily Reminder. Choose the amount of time you want to limit yourself on Instagram and click on Set Reminder. Easy peasy!


Feel Like a #Hackerman Yet?

Instagram is, undoubtedly, the fastest growing social media website, and there might not be a single millennial who doesn’t use it! Utilize it for the best and share these cool hacks with your friends to let them know more about this fun app. Do you have any more questions? Did I miss any hack? Let me know in the comments below!


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