There are several easy ways which you can use for business promotion on Instagram. You can capture leads on Instagram by using some tools and features.  Now you must be thinking- is this really as simple as I’m saying? The answer is a big yes.

With 800 million monthly active users, Instagram has proved its presence. Its user engagement rate is 10 times higher than other social networking sites and is continue to enlarge. By following some reasonable strategies, you can expand your growth at a double rate on Instagram. There are many software and techniques available and GramBoardpro is one them, it can help you with generating leads for your Instagram account.

8 Unchallenging Steps For Generating Leads:

Campaigning For Brand Promotion

This campaigning strategy to promote business includes marketing influencer to reach out a wide user base. Campaigning allows you to collaborate other brands with your’s and promote the product by using some engaging and intriguing content. This gives you an upper hand to approach the targeted audience in a meantime. This not only gives access to reach new follower base but also provide a platform to convey your brand story through influencers.

Campaigning For Brand Promotion

Providing Offers And Deals

Like many other features, Live videos and Instagram stories plays an important role. You can promote your business by offering some good deals to the audience for a limited time period. You can attract followers to become a buyer by announcing some great deals. It is in human nature to grab the first opportunity when we hear “Discount” word. Make it a limited offer and extend it only when you get some advantage. This strategy will work out for all, whether you are a new launcher or a pro with years of experience.


Convert Instagram Followers To Buyers

Converting your Followers to Buyers will come secondary. Before that, you have to create a genuine follower base. By using features like Instagram stories you can prepare ads to promote your brand. Take as much help as you can, ask people to promote your brand and in return, help them promote their Instagram account.

To increase your follower base and to get more followers, you can download some auto bots or Instagram follower app. This is a technique used by many to gain a certain amount of followers. Followers can convert into buyers but for that, you have to grab these initial opportunities. In starting you will face difficulty but if you do pre-planning, you will gain a solid buyer base.

Convert Instagram Followers To Buyers

Nurture Your Strategies

In a brief note, protecting the strategies from the competitors is very important. With every new feature Instagram launch, you can increase the growth rate with high percentage. But remember to keep an eye on competitors. There are possibilities that your original Ideas get stolen by others. Keep your app up-to-date and follow all the privacy rules which are required.


Another reason Instagram attract more business because of visualization of advertising on the Instagram platform. As we all know that Instagram is a unique platform where you can’t make most posts with words only. You have to upload image or video with your content.

According to science, human brain processes visual information faster than the written information. Even if you scroll and see the image for a second you will understand what image want to say. But it is not with the written content.

And Instagram provides you the best platform to share your product information in form of image or video. It provides you different tools to make your advertising image for attractive or catchy. It also provides you 60 sec video option to make your audience learn more about your product.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Targets Youth and The Future

According to the statistics on Instagram, 65% of users are between 18 to 34 age group. Instagram gives the opportunity to business to target young customer. Getting young generation customer will help your business to make a long relationship with your customer. And in the future, Young Influencer will help your business to get more success. And Instagram having equal gender distribution. Which help your business to promote your product in front of a larger audience rather than a single pool.

Instagram Marketing

Usage Of Essential Hashtags

We cannot imagine Instagram without #Hashtags. They are the soul base of this social networking platform. In recent months, a new feature got introduced which allows users to follow #Hashtag communities. This has brought a new change in Instagram search bar rankings.

To promote a business you can utilize this amazing feature to get more visibility and higher ranking in a search list. The more you will use and follow Hashtags, more you will get the opportunity to appear in the search bar when users will search for the Hashtags.


Promotion Through Direct Messages

Earlier, the promotion was taking place either by mails or by direct promotion via Instagram account but now, the strategies are changing and people are opting to send a personal message. This is not highly used but is considered as an effective way to promote brands. This is used as a direct tool by business promoters for merging their interaction with the customer in a more private way.



These are six effective ways, you can use for the better optimization of Instagram features and to promote your business with it. To know more about Instagram and its features, take a look at our other blogs to have a proper idea. If you like these 6 techniques, comment down below your thoughts and do let me know if have any query!