Instagram marketing is on a rise, more and more brands are mastering it to target their potential customers. Reaching out your targeted audience through Instagram is way easier than other platforms. Why? It’s simple! Instagram owns more than a billion users and all of them are searching for amazing photos. If you need to covey your story there, you don’t need a thousand words article. Just a photo that owns the ability to speak a thousand words on your behalf.

But to attract all the people, just sharing photos is not enough. In order beat your competitors and move towards victory, you need to think a step forward than your competitors.

Instagram provides just a few functionalities, namely post, like, comment, follow and unfollow. Now if you want to win the Insta-game, you need to use these functionalities to the fullest.

But don’t forget to have a companion with you.

In this article, I will be talking about the best Instagram Mass Follow Tool that can help you to win the race and reach your audience as much as possible.

Why is following users in bulk important?

First thing first, before we get started, I want you to understand, why is following in bulk important for your Instagram marketing strategy.

When you follow a user, there are chances that you may get followed back. Now think about it, what will happen if you follow people in bulk. The chances are you can get followed in bulk as well, right?

Moreover, when you follow someone related to your industry, you give them a reason to follow you back. People like to build a network of people with the same interest and that’s why the chances of being followed back are even more.

Here are 5 Best Instagram Mass Follow Tools for your Instagram marketing strategy.


instagram mass follow tool

When you depend on a tool to do all the work you need to be sure it’s the perfect one. And when we talk about mass following users on Instagram, Gramboard is your perfect companion. Here is how Gramboard can do it for you.

  • Tell about your preferences– Before Gramboard starts following, it will ask you about your preferences. Your preferences can include your favourite keywords, locations or hashtags.
  • It will start searching for the users– Once you tell your preferences, it starts to detect all the users based on it. Don’t worry because the results are highly targeted.
  • Follow– Now it will follow them all one by one, without bothering you and will run in the background. You can also set the following speed according to your needs.

The best point of Gramboard’s AI is that it understands the Instagram policies. It won’t let you look fake in front of both Instagram as well as the audience.

  1. Gramto

Another popular and useful tool for mass following on Instagram is Gramto. Gramto allows you to extract and follow users based on your niche without putting any efforts. All you need to do is set your needs. Here’s the process:

  • Set your preferences with keywords, location on users.
  • Set the speed, low, medium or fast.
  • Allow it to start following.
  • It will follow the users strictly based on your provided details and at the mentioned speed.
  • You can also pause the process whenever you wish to.
  1. Combin

Do you need a tool that doesn’t need any skills or knowledge? If yes, Combin is exactly what you need. Combin is an easy to setup plus easy to use a tool. You can set it up and start following users in just a few minutes, isn’t that great?

The process is simple:

  • Advanced Instagram Search– Provide the details and it will start searching users based on that. People are highly targeted and related to your niche.
  • Follow– It will automatically follow them without losing your authenticity.
  • Manage– You can easily check who you recently followed through the tool.

Moreover, you can also unfollow people with Combin.

  1. Instazood

Instazood is a reliable and trustworthy platform that lets you put all your Instagram activities on autopilot. It guarantees that the followers or likes, you get through it are genuine and not merely forged by the bots.

Instazood provides an Instagram bot that lets you follow the users based on your niche. Just like the other tools, all you need to do is set your preferences and let Instazood handle the rest

Furthermore, Instazood also allows the users to have a 3 days trial to understand the features.

  1. Instamber

Instamber is a tool that is solely made for following Instagram users in a bulk. Simply set your needs and industry, start the following campaign and let the tool do the rest for you. It will start following users related to your preferences in no time. Just like Instazood, it also allows you to have a 3 days free trial of the tool and all the features so that you can decide whether it works or not.


It’s not about the how simple the tool is but rather how smart it is. When you get started with Instagram automation, you need to be sure that you look authentic.

Instagram has certain rules and regulations. If you choose the wrong tool, you can easily burn your credibility in seconds. And when you wish to mass follow users with the help of a tool, I prefer you to use Gramboard. Gramboard’s AI is the best way to cope up with the Instagram terms and conditions. Moreover, it has also several other automation features like auto follow, comment or even unfollows users.

Try it once and then dig out, whether it’s the best fit or not. All the best!

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