There you are, scrolling aimlessly through your Instagram gallery, trying your best to start with new artwork, thinking in every possible direction for an inspiration with the Instagram post ideas, but BOOM! Here strikes the art block, and you become dumb. We all have been there, and we all understand the desperation that kicks in after this happens.

Expanding your horizons outside the box to come up with new ideas is no joke. Doing so on a regular basis is daunting, not just for artists but for everyone who is serious about their IG game. 

I recently went through this phase, trying to find something worth posting from my gallery, but ended up only with cute photos of my pets, already posted Instagram pictures, cropped pictures of my home appliances, and so on. That’s when I created this bank of Instagram post ideas that I am sharing with you all.

So, here’s a list of tried and tested ideas you can come back to when hit by a creative block. 


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1. How-Tos 



Tutorials, how-to videos, DIYs- you name it, they’re always a hit! It will not only let your audiences learn something new from you but will also add a human element to your profile. These kinds of posts perpetually manage to get that sweet spot on the discover page, bringing you more audience from around the world.

Here are some of the things that you can include:
1. A tutorial on a particular technique that you follow on your artwork.
2. Share a recipe taught by your mom.
3. Include some of your go-to exercises.


2. Behind The Scenes 



People love it when they feel connected to the person they follow. By letting them take a sneak peek into your not-so-glorious life, you can cut the barriers and establish a better relationship with them.

Share the number of photos you clicked to get that perfect shot, the umpteenth time you attempted that somersault, that set of brushes you lost in your last solo trip, the brainstorming behind writing that piece of poetry, and everything else!


3. QnA and Polls 



No kidding, it is one of the best ways to drive engagement on Instagram. Use the “Ask Me A Question” Feature on your Instagram stories, conduct polls, ask a random question that you have in mind, etc. Get to know your audience better. The more you know them, the easier it gets to create content for them.


4. Giveaways  



Giveaway Announcement

Okay, so if you don’t like free stuff, you’re too rich to exist on this planet (no pun intended). Host a giveaway for your audience. Put up a post that shows what you are giving away. It could be anything- a travel kit, AirPods, a set of art supplies- depending on the type of audience that you have.

Ask them to tag their friends in comments. This way, you can gain more followers and grow your page. You can also grow your Instagram followers using automation tools like Gramboard, Socinator, etc.



5. Hold Art Piece In Hand 



An artwork in hand

Trust me. This idea works GREAT for literally everyone. It is one of the most popular Instagram post ideas utilized by all Instagram artists. Just pick a previous creation, hold close, and snap a picture with a good filter. Your hand in a picture displays your connection with the art. It also demonstrates the scale of your creation, which looks exceptionally appealing in case of micro-art or small works.


6. Work In Progress 



There are days when you don’t really have anything to start with, but definitely have some things stored with you for that final touch. So, instead of starting a whole new work, especially when you have the art block, you can continue with the previous one and upload it as your work in progress in the form of a boomerang, video, a story, superzoom, anything that you like.


7. Glimpses of Previous Work 



Is there anything that you created with a story in your mind? Is your art associated with any previous encounter of your life? Talk about it. Tell your story to everyone. Share the difficulties you faced in capturing those agile birds and squirrels, the emotions you hold behind a particular creation, even the source of inspiration.

You can also click a close up of your work that captures some detailed work that one might miss. Make it look ecstatic.


8. Recreation 



Recreation of Millie Bobby Brown

Recreate your favorite celebrity pictures, shows, or anything that you like in your own style. This way, you will not only never get out of ideas, but will also get a better exposure among the fans of those celebrities (wink!).

Add your elements to the creation, but maintain the aesthetics of the original picture. Here’s an example of the fan art of Eleven from Netflix series, Stranger Things.


9. Products You Use 



“I so want to draw this, but my pencil colors suck!!”

We all have been at similar situations in our lives. Imagine the happiness when we finally get that amazing set of vibrant colors! Let your followers feel the same delight. Tell them about the tools and supplies you use in your work. Give them some tips about how to use them. Do some product reviews. Go creative, follow the trend!



10. Feature Art 



Featured art on an Instagram page

While you deal with your art block, you can feature any art created by the artists whom you follow or vice-versa. Make sure you keep in good touch with your fellow artists, write up a post for submission of artwork, and keep the submitted work in stock for further situations when you lack ideas or motivation.

Also, ask these Instagram artists to feature your posts on their timeline, whenever deemed necessary. This way, you can keep your community engagement high and get exposure among more followers in no time.


11. Introduce Yourself 



Why look like a bot, when you feel like a human?

Every now and then, introduce yourself to the new followers, and line up your old followers with the recent updates in your life. People love to connect- the only reason behind the popularity of social media.

Talk to your people. Tell them about your personal life, your hobbies, upload a picture of your pet, or a click from your last road trip, share your daily routine, morning workouts, or anything that feels like you.


12. Funny Posts 



Instagram Post Ideas

A pinch of creativity and a spoonful of sarcasm is all we want on our Instagram feed, don’t we?

Add some relatable memes or quotes on your profile. You can create it on your own or screenshot it from any other page (wink!). Anything that cracks you up will definitely tickle your audience too. Your followers will share these posts with their friends, bringing more audience on your profile; plus nobody will speculate your lack of creativity this way. It’s a win-win situation!


13. Talk About Something 



Do you have something in mind that you have been thinking for quite long? Discuss it with your followers. Tell them about your opinion and ask them about theirs. Have a healthy discussion on any random topic, but don’t let the things take a bitter turn (if you know what I mean).


Fuel The Creative Yo

Here you have, a list of some very easy, fail-proof, and smart Instagram post ideas to help you with your art block. But enough with my list, let’s talk about you. What gets your creative juices flowing? Do you have any other tips? Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments below! 



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