You will agree with me that Instagram is the most influential social media platform in today’s era. Well, some of you may wonder, how can an online network grow so instantly. It is because of many reasons. A many! The biggest of all is the real-time experience Instagram brings with it. Everything seems to be realistic and authentic over its landscape. That’s people probably like the most about Instagram. Consequently, competition is very acute these days on its territory. So, you have to cater the masses with something out of the box all the time if you want to gain their undivided attention. 

Is this possible? Of course, it is!

And the best initiative you can take towards basing a powerful Instagram presence is none other than Instagram SEO. Never heard it! Let’s understand this with the reference of Google. As we all know, Google is the number one search engine in the world. Whenever anyone makes a query on Google, it reverts the user with the whole list of results. 

How lucky are those sites which rank on Google’s first page? Many of you can think like this. Right! Before you jump to conclusions and consider how they able to do this. Wait a minute! No doubt, they have put in efforts, but they have also made use of the excellent tactic called search engine optimization. It’s a process of optimizing domains according to search engines friendly gambits moreover to make the most out of it. 

I have a piece of good news for you. Now, you can optimize your Instagram accounts as well for better performance. There are Instagram SEO strategies, implementation of which can make your Instagram account more discoverable for audiences. How? Let’s find out! 


10 Top Ways To Follow For Growing Your Instagram Account Organically- 


1. Optimize your Instagram username: 

Have you ever wondered about the words used in your Instagram username are searchable or not? 

No! Let’s do this now. 

Your username play as an essential keyword for your Instagram account. You can see it practically. Go to Instagram and search any specific keyword such as Photography or anything related which accounts you want to explore. Later, you will be able to see all the Instagram account having the searched keyword in their username. 


Hence, words which get used in the username affect their Instagram searchability. That’s why try to make use of niche, passion, and location-specific words in your username. 

For example, if your Instagram space is about photography, then you can add “photography” in your username. On the other hand, if you live in a location like London, can also add it in the Instagram username. 

Try to think what people will type when trying to search for accounts of your niche and accordingly hone your Instagram username. Having said that, if you don’t want to change your username, then it’s completely okay. Many of you might want to keep the username according to your brand and all. No problem! It’s entirely your call. You can implement SEO in your Instagram name as well. 


2. Look After Your Instagram name: 

Apart from the username, your Instagram name also acts as a critical aspect for Instagram SEO. Instagram name always located in bold letters in your bio. So, if someone searches for Instagram handles using the word which you have utilized in your Instagram name, then your account will display in the search query. 

For example, if users have searched for keyword “fashion”, all the Instagram accounts with it will become visible to them. 


Therefore, try to practice related keywords in your Instagram name according to your brand, niche, and business. As a result, your ideal audience will find you easily. 


3. Make The Most Of Your Instagram Photos:

It’s a world-renowned thing that Instagram is a visual platform. Maximum of the general audience come here to see visuals. If you have high-quality photos to deliver, only then engagement will ring the bell of your Instagram account doors. It also makes it easy for people to recognize what’s in the photos. Also, Instagram implements a technology called image recognition. According to this, it can detect what’s in the photographs, are them relevant to users of that Instagram account or not. All this, without a doubt, serves as a metric for your Instagram account growth. 

Besides this, image recognition technology also makes people (who admire similar niche content as of yours) to come across your Instagram account pictures. Well, all you have to do is to post simple and good quality pictures. However, it does not mean there’s no room for creativity. Of course, you can experiment, as creativity is all about taking risks. 


4. Write ALT Text For Your Instagram Images: 

Well, now you can also write alt text for your Instagram images. It is one of the most important tactics of search engine optimization. ALT text helps web crawlers to understand what being said via images. It is the case with search engines. However, the Instagram algorithm has also started working quite similarly. Also, alt text gives life to your Instagram photos outside it (Google!). 

To write alt text for your Instagram images, you have to follow the same process of adding a photo, picking the appropriate filter, edit, and then select “Next”. After this, you have to go to the “Advanced settings”. 

instagram-seo From there, you can add alt text in your Instagram photos. 


For example, if someone is searching for a photo with white hydrangeas on Google. And if you have posted the same kind of textural Instagram photo, then it can also rank on Google as a result of the user’s search query. That means more exposure to your Instagram account. However, with the use of alt text, people with visual impairment can also view your Instagram images. 

Still, there are lots of Instagram accounts not making use of this excellent tactic. I suggest you to start executing it right now right here. So, you can overcome all the restrictions regarding make your Instagram account even more discoverable. 




5. Make Use Of HashTags As Keywords: 

Hashtags are the most critical searchable aspect of Instagram. Hashtags hold all the similar type of Instagram posts under one space. That’s why, as per Instagram SEO, you should use hashtags as keywords for your posts. So that when people look for something on Instagram using hashtags, then come across your related Insta posts. Always remember to use related hashtags in your Instagram content. As irrelevance use of hashtags can backlash your Instagram space. 

Pick hashtags based on the nature, location, and aesthetics of your posts. However, if you’re posting something totally out of the world, not able to fathom what’s should be the best hashtag to use here. Then, you can make use of hashtag finder or take help from Instagram hashtag groups. 


6. Create More Content As Of Your Top Posts: 

Every Instagram account possesses top-rated posts. These types of Instagram posts result in better engagement, in short, more likes, comments, and followers interaction. However, not all of your Instagram posts able to live up to that. So, why not create posts similar to the top-rated ones. You should leverage those entirely. It will make your Instagram account more engaged as well as keep your audience happy. And there’s nothing more important than follower’s satisfaction when it comes to growing Instagram panorama.


7. Have One-on-One Interaction With People:  

Doing things regarding yourself is not only something that can take you longer on Instagram. You should interact with your peer Instagrammers as well. Take out time to spend a few minutes of liking and commenting for other Instagram account daily. So, you should be able to develop an approachable bond with them. According to Instagram, the posts which show upper in your feed are the ones with whom you interacted the most. 

In case, if you’re handling multiple bunches of stuff regarding your business alone. That usually eats a lot of your time. Then, you can access one of the best Instagram automation software called Gramboard to automate all the essential regular Instagram activities. Following aspiring contemporary Instagram account is also very vital to develop as a substantial face on the platform.


So, now, we’re going to look at the fundamentals for auto-follow aspect by using Gramboard. Bear with me!


Step 1: Login/ Signup in your Gramboard account.


Step 2: Go to your Instagram account


 Step 3: Tap On “Manage Activity”. 


 Step 4: Go to “Activity Status and Speed ” section and set the speed of the process ranging from Slow, Medium, Fast, and Superfast


 Step 5: Choose the “Follow” option from the given activities such as Likes, Comments, Unfollow, and DMs.


Step 6: Go To “Targeting” section and set the attributes of people you want to follow according to your preferences. You would have given three aspects to fix the characteristics of people to follow on Instagram-


  1. Tags.
  2. Locations. 
  3. Username.

Step 7: Add the username or tags or locations of the Instagrammers you want to follow. And that’s all it is! 


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You should engage with people if you want to spread your Instagram account to a larger scale. That’s the ultimatum for shining exceptionally on this online landscape.


8. Tag leading Instagram Accounts On Your Photos: 

Tagging influential Instagram accounts of your niche is another Instagram SEO move you can take. It is a smart way of getting noticed and featured on those Instagram accounts. According to Instagram rules, you can tag a maximum of 20 Instagram accounts on your pictures. Having said that, it doesn’t mean you can tag a bunch of irrelevant Instagram accounts. No!

My suggestion to you is to take some time and do the proper research and accordingly shortlist the accounts you want to feature on. As the accounts you choose must go with the vibe of your Insta space. Else, there is no point of doing all these endeavors. Getting featured on Instagram is all about showcasing a specific theme of things. 

There are Instagram accounts dedicated to featuring passionate niche-based accounts. You can reach those account by tagging them in your photos. However, make sure to tag them only in high-quality images or in something creative and unique. At the end of the day, they should get impressed by your creation moreover to feature your account over their Instagram landscape. Also, if your tagged account doesn’t come back to you, won’t get furious. These things take time. Continue doing your stuff. They might already notice your work and saved it for re-sharing. 




9. Tag Significant Accounts In Instagram Stories:

Here’s another Instagram SEO strategy you can apply. Tag associated accounts in the Instagram story. Whenever you share an Instagram story that you consider is relevant to other Instagram accounts, tag them as early as possible. For example, you have made an Instagram story, using some new product, then you can mention that company’s account in your story. The company will get notified that you have tagged them and might re-share your story in their Instagram story. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. People who will watch the company Insta story will see you as well and can redirect to your Instagram account. 


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10. Discover the Best Instagram Routine For Yourself: 

Nowadays, after a certain point in time, many Instagrammers feel forced to do all the Instagram things. At last, get stressed out. It is not the way to grow your Instagram account. Running an Instagram account, especially for a living, should not feel like work. It should be more like fun. Don’t follow the footsteps of others, instead create your own. Play within your capabilities. Draft a plan including how many days you can post on Instagram at which time, and all. After crafting an overview, try to always stick to that. As hopping with your Instagram routine can ruin your endeavors.  

Of course, it is not some typical Instagram SEO strategy. However, all the above mentioned Instagram SEO tips and tricks depend very much on this one. 


These were the top 10 ways you can practice to grow your Instagram account. Well, fostering an Instagram space should be done with fun and experiment. Don’t feel pressured to do things only for the sake of doing. Follow your guts and things you believe in. Although, the above mentioned Instagram SEO maneuver can help you in a big way. Implement them and see quick Instagram results. Take time and execute these tricks one at a time. 

If you know more Instagram SEO strategies, then feel free to share them with me by commenting in the section below. 


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