I am sure you all have seen or use the new Instagram Stories feature. These amazing features increase the popularity of Instagram among the users.

Instagram is a unique platform through which you can share your thoughts and feeling through pictures and videos. Adding storytelling features in Instagram let you create a string of images and videos which will get disappeared after 24 hours.

Instagram Stories Feature

Now the question arise how to use this features for your business on Instagram?

Before moving to above question lets see how Instagram stories feature work.

With Instagram Stories feature, you can add a string of images and videos. Which will be saved separated from your regular feed.

You can add video or photos in your story telling. But these videos or photos can’t be liked or comment by the other users but they can send you a direct message from the story slideshow.

You will able to see who exactly watch each part of your story.
You can edit content with the fun features like text, fingerprint, and emojis.

Now we will discuss how Instagram storytelling features help you to build a strong business on Instagram ?and how you can drive more traffic for your business?

Here are 5 ways of Instagram Stories feature for your business

Shorts Game and Contest

Every once loves to play game and contest on social media platform. And through this process you can give the reward to those users who are most active for your brands. You can simply add puzzles in your story telling and ask your users to solve it. This trick will force your users to see your Storytelling on Instagram and will drive more traffic for your brand.

Discount Offers

This is the another great way to feel your customer special. Add coupon code or discount offers in your storytelling. They can only see these codes when they open your Instagram’s storytelling. The urge of knowing the discount will end after 24 hours will make them force to buy your product. This is a brilliant way to build brand awareness and loyalty on Instagram.

Build Premonition

Storytelling feature of Instagram will help you to test your product before realized in the market. You can add short video or images of your product. Which will help you to see the enthusiasm of the users for the product? That will help you to make your product better according to message your receive from different users.

Distinguish Engaging Content

In Instagram’s storytelling feature you can check which part of the content get more engagement of your users. You can pick that part and place it into your regular feed of your Instagram. So that all the users can see your content and you can drive traffic for the brand.

Event Coverage

If your business attends many events and you have noticed that engagement of your Instagram users is lower than usual, Instagram stories are the perfect place to share that content in. You can attendance at events with a single post on your regular Instagram feed, and encourage your audience to open your Instagram story for more live updates.

Over to You

From my point of view, Instagram story is a great way to promote your brands without killing your feeds . Instagram Story Features is a new way to promote your business on Instagram. This features paired with great content will open the door of success for your business. Above points will help you to make better use of Instagram Story for your business.