Instagram has become one of the most used social media platforms for any marketing strategy. Marketers love to use Instagram because they know that their audience is over there. However, only a few get the most out of it and the rest fails to leverage it in the right way. The winning strategies are those that combine both creativity and right tools to reach your goals. To create such winning strategies, you can hire a professional marketer but it is expensive. Or, you can easily do it yourself with the help of some really useful marketing and automation tools.

Who posts on Instagram?

Trying out different strategies on Instagram every day can be fun. But you need to be careful because Instagram always keeps an eye on all the users. Even a single suspicious activity can lead to getting blocked immediately. Why? Well, Instagram is very cautious about the users and if anyone seems to use any automation bots or black hat marketing methods, Instagram blocks them.

Every day, more than 95 million posts are uploaded on Instagram. Some upload just for the sake of gaining some followers and some do it for creating brand awareness and reaching out to the potential audience. Apart from posting content, there are a few more functionalities that can be used for marketing. The most popular ones are posting comments, liking pictures, following new users and direct messaging users. But as Instagram only allows you to do all the activities with certain limitations. you will get blocked immediately if you go too fast with any of them.

Here are the limits for per day activities (in numbers)

Likes per hour (max)- 60

Follows per hour (max)- 60

Comments per hour (max)- 60

Messages per hour (max)-60

And for a newly created account (in numbers)

Likes per hour (max)- 30

Follows per hour (max)- 30

Comments per hour (max)- 30

Messages per hour (max)-30

In case you’re a new user, you need to first earn a trust score. You do it by behaving like a normal user for the first few months. After this, Instagram will eventually increase your limits. But even if you’re an old user, you need to take care of your activities in order to maintain authenticity. But is it possible? Does Instagram actually block for going too fast with the activities?

If you believe this, you are right. Instagram does block users for going too fast with the activities. In case you did something like that and got blocked, you will find all your answers in this article.

Your Instagram temporarily blocked for going too fast?

If you’re reading this article then you must have been blocked by Instagram for going too fast. But now what? Is your Instagram journey over? No, of course not. You can easily get over it. Here is what do you need to do next.

Stop all the Activities for at least two days after getting the blocked message for Instagram

It’s possible that you’ve been blocked from performing a certain activity. As you are just blocked from performing one, in order to retain all the functionalities, you should consider stopping all the activities. Let your Instagram account have some rest for at least seven days.

Prove that you’re not a Spammer

Sometimes Instagram blocks your functionalities because it suspects that you’re spamming people with unnecessary comments. In that case, you should start behaving normally. Post a few pictures or videos, make a few relevant comments, follow a few accounts and also like relevant posts only. Stop using any automation tool, just be like a normal user.

Leave at least 5-10 seconds between every activity

Now you need to prove that you are neither a spammer nor you are using any third party tool. Just have a little break between all the activities that you perform. Whether you like, comment or follow users, just have a break in between.

Use a Great Tool

You can’t rely on any random tool for maintaining your authenticity, right? Well, you need a companion and not a tool that will make you look fake in the front of Instagram and your audience. You need a tool that understands your needs and can help you build a brand in front of your audience. A tool that is capable to automate all the activities in order to grow your brand and audience.

search instagram comments by user

Gramboard is an AI operated automation tool that allows you to automate all your activities. It can help you grow your brand in no time.

After you follow all these steps, Instagram will eventually start trusting you. After a while, you will regain all your functionalities. But you also need to make sure that you don’t repeat the same mistakes over and over again. If you continue the same way, Instagram might even delete your account forever. As mentioned above, the old users have more power than the newbies. So use your functionalities accordingly.


You might be trying to implement different strategies every day and achieve your marketing goals. But this is not easy. You need to be better than all your competitors and also use the best tools out there. Not all the tools are good because most of them will ruin your authenticity in front of your audience and that will lead to a backfire. Trust the professional in order to get the best tools. Gramboard is the best tool out there that is specifically built to serve your Instagram automation needs in the right manner and help you to grow your brand.

Just mix your best strategies with the right tools and then implement them. Using the basic functionalities in the right way can do miracles to your marketing strategy.

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