If you are thinking about cleaning up your follows, you need to know that you can do it wisely. You will be able to do this by using an Instagram unfollow tool.

If you are an active Instagram user you might be in the situation of having too many Instagram followers. The accounts that you have followed over the years might have changed their content. There is a possibility for some of them not to be active anymore. Or it’s maybe just the fact that their uploads do not represent an area of interest for you in the present.instagram unfollow tool

Reasons for thinking about using an Instagram unfollow tool

  1. You have almost reached your Instagram maximum number of follows

You might feel pleased if people who are followed by you will follow you back. But when you will receive the next message:  “Error: You can’t follow any more people”, you will realize that you have reached the maximum number of followings. Which is currently set by Instagram to 7500 follows. This does not take into account the numbers of followers that you have. This is the first reason why you should consider using an Instagram unfollow tool.

  1. Your follower/following ration is poor

If you only stay focused on the following option and not paying much attention to the unfollow one, your follower/following ratio will be poor. This can have a negative impact on your Instagram growth.

You need to keep in mind that using the correct follow/unfollow strategy can be positive for your Instagram account.

  1. Too many spams on your account

Some of the Instagram accounts have more than 20 posts a day. If you are one of the followers, at some point your feed may be flooded by so many uploads from the same account.

If you face this situation, using an Instagram unfollow tool is the solution. Instagram does not have an automated system that can be used to make the difference between the users with high-quality content and spammers.

  1. Accounts no longer active

The main reasons for following an Instagram account are that you either like an account’s content or you hope that following a user will give you a follow back. But if the account is inactive, none of the above actions will take place. You will notice that you have no reason to continue following these accounts.

The issue is that discovering an inactive account is not easy. You will have to perform a lot of manual research.  You will have to check your entire following list and see if the followed account is still engaged in uploading content.

The solution is to unfollow each user at a time. This might work if the number of the follows is less than 250. If the follows are more than 250, using an Instagram unfollow tool will definitely work for you.

Best Instagram unfollowing tools


By using this tool you can make up to 400 unfollows per day. The operation is fully automatic and you don’t need to involve directly. Instagram users will experience their most efficient way of cleaning and managing their accounts. This tool will work with only a “run following” click after adding an account.

They do not save your login or password. This protects your data. The number of Instagram profiles that you can add to your account is 50.

Your account will be cleaned from all the non-mutual follows. You will remain with only the ones who follow you back.


With the help of this tool you can schedule and automate posts, likes, comments and, the most important, you can manage your follow/unfollow activity. To keep it simple, you can manage your account in one place. This is the easiest way to convert your Instagram account into a perfect marketing tool.

Adding and deleting an account is one click away. In the Account Manager Module, you can check if an account is active or not by using the account checker.

You will be able to target hashtags, followers of usernames and locations. There is the possibility to add different filters in order to see the users you interact with by counting the likes, the comments, followers and followings of the users, number of media uploaded in a user’s account and the age of media.

You can add interactions to a blacklist by using specific hashtags, location and usernames.

By using the “Target EveryOne” feature you will have many options for following, like & comment.


This is another Instagram tool that will help you with the growth of your account.  Its features also recommend it as an Instagram unfollow tool.

You can schedule unfollowing the accounts on Instagram. This tool gives you the opportunity to decide who you want to unfollow.

You can unfollow 24 to 150 accounts daily.


This tool allows its users to automatically unfollow the Instagram users that they followed. By using this tool, you will be able to unfollow those who have not followed you back after a specific period of time. This application also gives you permission to unfollow users outside Jarvee or unfollow everyone you have followed.

You can use one of the above tools in order to unfollow people or Instagram account pages. However, if your number of follows is significant and you want to rapidly clean your Instagram account, the best Instagram unfollow tool for you might be Gramboard.ai. Unfollowing is one click away and it only requires you to add an account.  It saves your time and it also protects your data.

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