It is 100% true that we humans crave for validation.

We all feel good when someone shows consent. Whether its a pat from your boss or a compliment from a friend on your new dress.

For social media influencers, marketers and brands, recognition is all about verification.

Getting that blue checkmark beside their name has become one of the major goals.

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The blue badge is a symbol of –

  • Popularity
  • Trust
  • Authenticity
  • Solid social status

The power of the blue checkmark is limitless. The public perception towards accounts with blue tick generally turns out big with loaded benefits such as –

  • Huge engagement on posts
  • Click-through rates
  • Increased Reach
  • Sales
  • Social shares
  • & more…

What Is A Verified Instagram Account?

A verified Instagram account clearly states that your account is genuine and 100% authentic. Instagram has created this process to reassure users that they are following the right person. As each one of us is well aware of the current scenario, there are an unlimited number of fake accounts present in the social channels due to which users get confused and face difficulty to know which account is real and which is fake. Having a blue tick beside your name provides your account instant credibility.

As per Instagram – “Only some public figures, celebrities, and brands have verified badges on Instagram. Not all Facebook pages with verified badges have verified badges on their Instagram accounts. Currently, only Instagram accounts that have a high likelihood of being impersonated have verified badges.”

The blue tick also makes you stand out amongst others and sets you distinguished from your competitors.

You cannot simply win this tick by fooling the algorithm or applying tricks. These badges of reputation and honor are handed out individually.

Is It Necessary, That You Must Have A Huge Following Base To Get Verified On Instagram?

Here’s the most serious issue with the Instagram blue tick.

A blue check mark beside your name makes it a lot easier to get more verified on Instagram and increases your credibility. On the other hand, there are a large number of articles out there in the market saying that – to get Instagram verified you need to have a huge following base.

But the best part is – That’s not the reality. If you have got less number of followers in your account than also you might get validation from Instagram.

The reason behind Instagram offering blue tick to public figures, celebrities, and brands, is to secure the users that they are following and interacting with the real account and not the fake ones.


What’s The Secret Mantra To Win This All-Important, Requisite Blue Tick?

Here are five important tips to get this blue tick mark beside your name on Instagram –

Tip #1. Stay active and Be Personal

Instagram gives a blue tick to the accounts to assure that they are the genuine and authentic profiles of public figures and brands. If your Instagram channel does not have its own unique identity and a wow factor attached, then the Instagram authorities struggle hard to look for the benefit in providing you the blue stamp.

An inactive, boring or an impersonal account does not provide much value to the Instagram followers. If you want to be one step ahead of the game, then you surely need to add vivacity to your posts and add personality. For example – If you are a cosmetic brand, do not just post pictures of your products, post pictures of your clients using them and wearing them.

Hold people’s attention and keep them stuck to your account. Also:

  • Use Instagram insights to know what works and what doesn’t. Post as per your targeted audience.
  • Start engaging with your followers, like comments and mention people on your posts.
  • Post a lot of inspiring and unique pictures. Analyze what are your followers likes and dislikes, study what they desire to see in their Instagram accounts, then fill their feeds with breathtaking images.
  • Collab with influencers on Instagram to bring your content into the limelight and show your authority in the Instagram space.

Tip #2. Strengthen your Web Presence.

If you want to get verified on Instagram, it has been assumed that you must have a solid following base. Brands, Influencers, public figures with millions of followers do not face any sort of difficulties in getting that little blue checkmark. Despite that, the reality is that you don’t need to have millions of followers to get spotted and acknowledged.

All you need is strong online social media presence. You should start building your identity. You have to know your audience and look for your niche. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are some of the major platforms where you can build and intensify your online reputation.

If your online game is strong, even if your Instagram followers count is less, then also you can get a blue tick beside your name. You have to prove your value and show that you are worth it.

Tip #3. Get Visible

In today’s competitive landscape, Visibility is the key.

If you are thinking hard on how to get verified on Instagram then, you must concentrate over making our online presence stronger. There are different tips and tricks which you can use to foster your presence online.

One of the best ways to boost your online presence is to use different/popular hashtags. Hashtags on Instagram helps your followers to find you. A perfect example of this can be seen in the posts on the NatGeo channel on Instagram

Also, you can collab with micro influencers and give shout outs and mentions. Press releases are yet another way to pump up your social media exertions. You can give press releases to journals, magazines in your area and should start working towards developing your SEO presence on Google. Instagram will consider your worth if it sees that you are big on Google. Next, you can also link your Instagram account on different social media platforms, blog posts, and email newsletters.

Tip #4. Show them You! are at the risk of being impersonated

Today on Instagram there are tons of account dedicated to celebrities, brands, influencers, etc. and due to which it’s hard to find the real account of the respective. To get out of this situation, Instagram started the authentication process. With a blue tick, people now will be able to understand the difference between real and fake accounts.

For instance, fans on Instagram needs assurance that they are following the genuine Ariana Grande. The blue tick hands out tranquility to users.

When you are listing the risk of being imitated, you have to be clear cut and focused on filling out the details of your Instagram profile. Fill real and genuine details and be specific with your posts, creating a differentiated brand or persona that is totally disparate from others on the platform.

Tip #5. Place a request. Take the first step

At last, Take a stand and ask for the verification on Instagram.

If you will not ask, you will not get it. Be real, be yourself and prove that you are 100% deserving for that blue mark. You have to be patient and let Instagram complete the verification process.

In 2018, Instagram started to test a brand new verification process with an official request form, publicly accessible within the app for the first time. But for now, it is accessible by limited users for now.  It will be made available to everyone all around the world soon.

As of now, every second person desires to get that blue tick beside their name, and this craving for approval has turned out evil. There is a black market for verification on Instagram out there offering people to get verified for $15, 000 approx. To overcome this issue, Instagram will be focusing on form verification.


Wrapping Words

You need a lot of effort and planning if you want yourself to get verified on Instagram. It isn’t easy, but it’s possible. You have to be real, authentic, active, worthy and unique. Once you have achieved the magical blue tick, you will enjoy plenty of benefits. You will have authority over other, strong online presence, better brand credibility.

The blue checkmark makes you popular and places you above all. It helps people to reach you, and helps in boosting your conversion rates as well. If you want to become one of the lucky few, show you are worth it.


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