In 2017, a new and exciting ‘Multiple-image posting’ feature was introduced by Instagram. It is famously known as “Carousel” which allow you to post multiple images in an album or a slideshow.

The main motive for launching this feature is to enlarge the engagement by providing refining visual stories. With this feature, you can combine a series of image, beautify them for eye catchy look and share it on the highly used photo-sharing social media platform i.e. Instagram. This can also fetch some real followers for Instagram.

Do you know, how to insert videos and images in a single post? I know you haven’t found any useful thing but a two-three line definition.

Create Multiple-Image Instagram Post


Well, it is quite simple and similar to add images to your Instagram post. You just have to tap on the + sign to add images.


Add multiple images


And if you are having new post features then on the next screen you will find the stacked squares option. Click on that icon and scroll down to add up to 10 videos and/or images. The moment you will start selecting the images the images will get numbering.


Add multiple images


When done with your selection then can edit the same using filters. And the point to be noted that the filter which you choose for this screen will be selected for all the others too. If you wish you can edit the images individually. And when done tap Done. Also, you can change the order of the images chosen just by dragging it.


Apply filters


You can also tag your friends and share the same.

Let’s know about it.

By using this amazing feature users can post photos and videos at one go. This option allows its user to swipe all the shared videos and images.

5 Ways to use Instagram ‘Multiple-photo sharing’ option: 

Visual storytelling

This visual storytelling technique helps a user to get a better vision about the brand and product through images. It has been noticed that more than 70% of people who read get attracted towards the content who carries some images.

Visual storytelling

Photo series on Instagram works really fine when you need to tell small stories but if you want to tell a long story, post it session wise. This way it will incentivize user engagement. 

DIY Series

Sharing images for the educational purpose can easily gain popularity.  If you have planned to share your artwork on Instagram, along with its share ‘How-you-did-it’ in a simple way by sharing a series of photos and videos. Tell your audience about the details in easy steps by showing them video clips as well as photos from initial to end work.

DIY Series


Motivational and Influencing Images

People tend to get attracted towards images containing quotes or messages. If you have flair for writing, you can utilize your talent by sharing some meaningful messages with a series of images.

You can choose your niche and start featuring videos and images on Instagram. The influencer can be any person, it is not compulsory to have a celebrity figure. Famous Instagram users can also help you to influence other users by telling your brand story.


After and Before Photo Series

This does wonder. If you actually have an amazing after-before story to share with people, do not hesitate to post it. There are many users who search to get this type of motivation and inspiration.

If you have lost some weight and you know, it has changed your personality and attitude in some way, share the photos and videos with other users. Your post may help others in a unique way.  


Product Promotion

If you are promoting your brand and product, you can easily take advantage of this ‘Multiple-photo sharing’ option to feature your product images. You should promote your original product with eye catchy images and avoid plagiarism at any cost.

Product Promotion

Instagram is widely used by many businessmen for brand and product promotion.

Best Practices


  • Choose your title image carefully: Make sure that your first image is the best one. As that image will be responsible for creating further interest in the viewers to scroll for the next image. Your first image should eye-catchy and engaging.
  • Encourage a call to swipe caption: Well, users are now getting used with this new feature. So you have to be sure that you can inspire your viewers to view more beyond your first image.
  • Use both the videos and photos: As per the new feature you can add videos well as photos in your single post. Opt to provide both of them to create an engaging post. As inserting videos along with your photos will make your post look even more attractive.


Over To You

These are some excellent features, for example, Gramboardpro features and it can help you in various ways. Hope, I explained the points very clearly. Make use of these strategies in many much better ways. Product promotion by using some useful strategies can help you stabilize your brand name.

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