Many businesses started to use Instagram as a powerful marketing tool. Promoting your business is not the only advantage you have by using Instagram. The social media platform also allows you to establish a connection with your targeted audience. The most powerful businesses are the ones who learned how to engage, empower and encourage their followers. We will talk next about how to search Instagram comments by user and what is the impact this feature can have on your business.

How to search Instagram comments by user and why you should do this?

Commenting on Instagram is a must if you want your brand to be visible and your followers to feel valued.  The three “E’s” when it comes to using comments on Instagram are:

  1. Successful Instagram accounts apply this to their followers. Encouraging someone to be at their best self-makes people feel loved.
  2. Commenting and replying to your followers’ uploads is part of making sure that you are engaging with them on a significant level. This will make them know that they are visible to you and their content is important. You also need to pay attention to your most liked and commented posts. This will let you know what you should continue to post according to your followers’ engagement.
  3. Instagram is the place where people are looking for inspiration. They are looking for uploads that are aesthetically attractive. If you can stick to their values and emotions, they will perceive you as an important resource. Building trust will be right after the corner.

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How to search Instagram comments by user is an important feature if you want to keep track of all your comments. It also helps you not to miss a single comment and it saves time. You can use this option if you want to find out more about the person you are responding to. Especially if you are interested in his bio and/or in his number of comments.

Another advantage if you decide to search Instagram comments by user is that you can easily find engaged influencers whose content you might have missed.

There are three main reasons why you should try this option when it comes to Instagram’s comments option.

Stay up to date with all the Instagram comments

Tracking all the Instagram comments is not easy. It may be hard to follow each Instagram comment, especially when someone is posting a comment for an older post. Managing Instagram comments can be a challenge no matter how many comments you receive per day.

Managing Instagram comments helps you provide excellent Customer Service

Learning how to search Instagram comments by user will help you have a clear view of the conversations’ history with a particular user. Especially when you are dealing with a complaint. In case of a complaint, your team will have access to the entire conversation history with that user. They will be able to respond quickly to the comments.

It can be very helpful to keep track of all the conversations you had with a customer.  For example, there can be situations when a customer complains about a missing product or service. Searching the comments by username will help you and your specialized Customer Service Team to rapidly analyze the situation and resolve it promptly.

Save time

If you are a busy person and you have to provide a detailed answer to a comment from your mobile device, time can be an issue. Using a managing comments application can help you save time and provide an answer to multiple users in a shorter time frame. The best part is that you will be able to do this from your computer.

What is the tool that you can use in order to search Instagram comments by user?

There are many tools that a business can use in order to manage their Instagram comments. Each of them has its specific options and features. We will talk next about one of these tools, Gramboard.AI.

Gramboard is a user-friendly application. It is very easy to use after you log in on the website with your Instagram credentials. The two main advantages are that you can use it from your computer. There are no additional app installations and you can manage multiple accounts in a single place. Its dashboard allows you to perform all the desired actions, working as a scheduler.

search instagram comments by user

The only thing that you have to do after the sing in process is to start your own campaign based on your customized options and your targeted audience.

For managing your Instagram comments, you will have to access the “comments” section. Add the users whose comments you would like to search for. If at some point you don’t want to search for a user’s comments anymore, you can easily click on “X”.

Gramboard will offer you the possibility to test it for 5 days before you decide if you want to use it permanently. You will have to pay $1/day.

Gramboard runs in the background 24/7. You do not have to stay permanently connected in order to manage your actions on Instagram. It will do your work after you customize its settings according to your needs.


Leaning how to search Instagram comments by user is an important option for your business, especially if you are looking for a continuous growth of it. But remember to stay real and engaged no matter what. Provide high quality content and make your followers feel appreciated. This will make them happy and wishing to remain connected with you. Despite of the different tools you may use in order to save your time and to grow your business, always put people first. Emotions and feeling are the ones keeping us alive and they also need to be part of our social media lives.

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