Creating Some eye-catchy videos for promotion of brands on Instagram is a famous strategy and is widely used by many businessmen. There are several new options that have been added to Video streaming feature in recent years. Last summer, in 2017, Instagram announced that they are extending the capabilities of Video streaming feature. Now, a user can post long video content for their brand promotion. Instagram videos are famous for many reasons, the options it provides is one of the main reason for the highest user-engagement growth.

Are you wondering, How Instagram Videos can help in a business expansion? Let’s have a quick look.

Instagram Live Video

You can create a live video on Instagram. The option to have a live video underneath the big circle and when you click on that live video is started. But the points which I would like to inform you about the live video are:

  • You can broadcast your live video via story.
  • Your video will disappear after the broadcast is done similar to the other networks. Hence, your followers won’t be able to access the live video after the broadcast is done.

Instagram Live Video

So now we are going to discuss the ideas how live videos are helpful for your business.

Helps in launching products and demonstrations

Helps in launching products and demonstrations



Being a businessperson you all wish to have a blast for the launch of your new products. A grand success is expected by everyone. So to have the same you can consider the option of live videos. This would be similar to the regular videos but interacting with the audience on live video will help you get connected with your audience a little more. Also, you can involve a good number of real-time engagements for the questions and answers.    

And to move on with the above idea the next step will help you.   

Telling Your Brand Story

60 secs i.e One minute you get to tell your brand story. This is more than enough to provide a backstory about your company and brand. Creating a connection with the audience is vital. If the medium is broken, you cannot make other users buy any of your product. You get 60 seconds for a video but reduce it to 50 seconds by excluding the initial 5 seconds to start and 5 more seconds for the final touch.

Your story should use some unique idea and do avoid plagiarism. Live videos are often used in form of Instagram stories. But there are other options too, which you can use to broadcast a Live Video for followers. And this increases your chance to get Instagram followers at a steady rate.

Accounts takeovers


Accounts takeovers


If you are working with the influencers or preferring accounts takeovers then this will for sure help you, increasing your involvement with your audiences. This will allow you to create a great content and also, you are able to get new views on your accounts.

Interview the industry leaders or the influencers or ask them to be the part of any activity (it can be about cooking the recipe or a product launch). Try to build the interest of your viewers by having questions and answers session, in the live video.

Hide Your Live Videos

Promoting brands and products on Instagram looks easy but is very difficult. Competitors do try to copy contents and there is a chance that they can steal your original outlook and use it to promote their own brand. Safety is important for any business and Instagram let you keep your videos hidden from unwanted people by using privacy setting.

This option allows you to remove competitors from viewing your contents and stealing your strategies. This only grabs the attention of real followers for Instagram and block any auto-bot activity.

Announce The Date And Time Via Normal Instagram Stories

Pop-up the scheduled date and time in front of others as a reminder. Do it frequently and announce some good deals for those who will watch the Live broadcast. Offers will attract more people to watch your Live video. Use some creativity and add stories on daily basis for one week on Instagram. This strategy will work to gain attention.

Collaborate With Influencers And Communities

This strategy works every time. Many brand leaders believe in collaboration. They seek help from communities and use them as an influencer. An influencer mainly advertises a brand or product by posting their own images along with it. This helps a brand to reach out a huge range of followers.

Get Feedback From Live Audience

Live Videos gives a freeway to its users to drop comments. As a brand promoter, you can introduce new products directly and get live feedback from followers. This options really gives out a chance to improve the product. A customer review is very important and without it, it is very risky to launch the product.


Get Feed Back From Live Audience


If you want to increase your audience on some specific channel then can cross- promote it with the help of a live video, this can help you to drive traffic to the network which you require.   


Over to you 

There are many advanced features which were introduced in recent year. If you are thinking about promoting your brand on Instagram, Live Videos can give you back support to move forward. This will provide you the opportunity to grab followers attention. The points I have mentioned in this blog will help you pre-plan your strategies.

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