Instagram was launched by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger on 6th October 2010. In the last nine years, Instagram has grown immensely as far as social media is concerned. 

At present, Instagram has become the first choice of marketers for promoting their brands and services. Currently, the platform has more than one billion monthly active users. 


What Is Influencer Marketing? 

Nowadays, influencer marketing has turned into the most practiced tactic to make money on Instagram. 

In influencer marketing, Instagrammers who have adequate fans get paid by businesses for advertising their brands. 

However, the fans of influencers must go to the audience businesses are searching for. Well, Instagram influencers don’t confine to any specific niche.


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There are Influencers on Instagram that belong to communities like fitness, fashion, bloggers, and much more.

But, today, we’re here to talk about how to make money on Instagram in fashion. So, if you’re a fashion enthusiast, who wants to change its passion for fashion into a great source of income on Instagram, this blog is a reading treat for you. 

So, without any further delay, let’s get started!!


How To Make Money On Instagram In Fashion? 


To make fashion a bread butter job on Instagram is not easy. It needs pure talent, uniqueness, and out of the box approach. Also, it demands a great sense of style and knowledge of all the fashion trends. 

If you have all these aptitudes, then making money on Instagram in fashion is not a tough nut to crack for you. 

These are some of the best practices to follow to get started successfully with Instagram in fashion- 


1. Try To Create A Different Kind Of Content-


As we all know, the Instagram community believes in recognizing compelling content. Due to the expansion of social media, it has become very usual for audiences to feel bored by seeing a similar type of content.

So, it’s time for you to create some astonishing Instagram posts that should be based on your fashion approach.

Here’re some of the most apparent subjects you can choose for your Instagram posts-

  1. Information regarding your daily outfits and how you choose them. 
  2. Things you do to look perfect as a fashion influencer. It can be anything from your food diet to your make up. 
  3. Videos on your regular regimen to motivate the viewers. 
  4. Sharing of inspiring quotes from successful fashion personalities. 

Always remember, the more you experiment with your Instagram posts, the faster you will know the type of posts your Instagram audience enjoys.

Having said that, don’t ever post anything that may offend your viewers. As there might be some topics that your audience doesn’t entertain. So, keep this in mind!


2. Participate Actively In Your Instagram Community-


There is no doubt that Instagram is very much about making connections, which may be both personal or professional.

So, engaging with your peers is really crucial when it comes to influencer marketing. 

It is so because the more you interact with your contemporaries, the more they respond to your Instagram posts. That’s very vital for better engagement with your Instagram fashion presence.  

Well, to always remain active manually in the interactions going around your Instagram community can take a lot of your time. 

Do you put extra time when it comes to Instagram activities such as follow, comment, react, and more? 

If yes, then tools like Gramboard can be useful for your business. 

It’s an all-in-one Instagram automation tool designed with features to auto-follow, auto-comment, and much more. 

So, if you want to save time that often gets consumed with daily Instagram errands, try it out now. 


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3. Do Hashtagging With Complete Awareness- 


I don’t think anyone of you wouldn’t know about the importance of relevant hashtag stuffing for Instagram posts. Right!

So, here, I’m not going to say something different or unexpected to you. It’s very straightforward and crystal clear. You should make use of hashtags in your Instagram posts. 

Always stuff Instagram posts with relatable hashtags only. Since you cannot use hashtag #musicians in the Instagram fashion posts. Right!

However, in case you’re not able to find any appropriate hashtags to use in your Instagram posts. Then, you have to dig around your Instagram niche to explore different hashtags related to your content. 

Well, by using Gramboard, you can target those Instagram posts, which have hashtags associated with your business niche. As a result, you will get to know about hashtags dedicated to your Instagram niche. 

Proper hashtagging practices can help you considerably in order to make money on Instagram in fashion.




4. Come In Touch Of Fashion Brands-


As I have discussed earlier, Instagram has become a perfect spot for marketers to advertise and promote their brands. So, they are always searching for those influencers, which have a similar kind of audience base as of them.  

However, getting sponsorships from top fashion brands is not an easy task. As there are so many fashion bloggers present over Instagram, which might have huge followers compared to you. 

But, that doesn’t mean brands only work with people who have more followers on Instagram. 

No! It is really not true. 

According to studies, Instagram posts of micro-influencers who usually have followers range in between 10,000 to 100,000, outcomes in a better engagement rate as of macro-influencers. 

That’s why brands look after micro-influencers first to advertise or market their products. Because they interact with their audience thoroughly. 

They always reply to their viewer’s comments, make daily Instagram live videos, engage with them in many ways. That’s what marketers actually want.

To make money on Instagram in fashion is not entirely depends on your humongous fan following.

Hence, engagement is a more influential metric than followers when it comes to making a brand collaboration ultra-successful.

The first and foremost thing that is necessary to come in the eyes of fashion brands on Instagram is following them. So, you always get notified whenever they put up something on their Instagram business page.

Next, you have to like, comment, and react to their posts actively. You can also tag their Instagram account on your posts. So that, they notice you as a fashion influencer. 

Again, you can also use Gramboard if you want to start these things in an automatic mode. However, as a starter, I recommend you to do these things manually or at least avoid overuse of Instagram automation tools. 


Over To You: 

These were some of the best tactics to make money on Instagram in fashion. However, there are many actions you can take to make your Instagram fashion panorama a bankroll. 

But, the implementation of the above-discussed metrics can really help you with how to make money on Instagram in fashion.


Want to say something? 

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