Instagram has been used by many of the entrepreneurs who want to get better exposure for their brands. Based on the analysis, on Instagram, it has been found that there are more than 25 millions of active business accounts on Instagram, and 80% of the Instagrammers follow such brands on Instagram.

Because of Instagram, it has become easier for business companies to get better exposure for their brand products. It can also help them to gain more popularity and following for their business. With more following on Instagram, their DM contacts will rise, which they can target to convert into sales.

With DMs, it became easier for marketers to target their potential audience on Instagram as it also enhances their chances of getting more business opportunities. You can request people who don’t follow you back on Instagram. Now you can also send self-destructing images on Instagram which would become invisible after the receiver has seen it. In case, if both users follow each other on Instagram, they can converse with each other using Instagram DM.

If you also want to manage Instagram DMs for your business, then here you might be able to find your answers:

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Instagram Direct Messages for Business

Many of the influencers are already making use of direct messaging to engage with their followers on Instagram. Based on the announcement done by Facebook’s photo sharing and video sharing network, there has been a significant rise in Instagram DM users. As it already crossed over the figure of “375 million active users each month” and, it is also becoming a competitive alternative of Facebook messenger.


However, many of the marketers still don’t know much about DM and how to make use of it in their business?

To find answers to these questions, here are shown some hints:

Who can use Instagram DMs?

You just needed an Instagram account for using direct messaging. On the rightmost corner of the page on the Instagram app, you can find the icon of DM. By clicking on that, you can check the messages which you have received, or you’ve sent.


If you want to send a direct message to someone, you need to click on the “+” icon. It will show you the list of your followers and the people whom you followed on Instagram. Either you can send a direct message to a person, or you can also direct message in a group to multiple followers. The message would only be visible to the people whom you have sent it.

Earlier marketers have seen Instagram as a marketing tool to get massive exposure for their brand. However, using Instagram DM, it became easier for marketers to create strong B2C relations.

Why use Instagram DM  for business?

You can directly connect with your followers using Instagram. Which means that you can engage with your followers and try to influence them for investing in your brand products.

Based on the report of Forbes, it was found that personal interaction can be beneficial for the business, it would generate better revenue, less return, and increase the reliability of the brand.

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How to Manage Instagram DMs for business?

Even if you are generating engagement on Instagram unless you could be able to converse those into deals, you couldn’t be able to earn revenue for your business.

Using Instagram DMs, you can directly interact with your followers, which gives you the perfect platform for targeting. It also gives you the right opportunity for sharing your content to the right audience on Instagram. All customers want to get more importance and value for themselves compared to others. While you can give exclusive offers using Instagram DM, that can help you to improve sales conversion rate for your business.

In case, you can also make use of Instagram automation tool – Gramboard to auto-pilot your direct messages. Using this tool, you can easily automate DMs to your followers so that you can enhance the interaction with your audience.


It is an AI operated tool, which allows a user to manage multiple Instagram accounts, schedule unlimited posts, engage with the audience, analyze and track the performance automatically. With such amazing features, you can also say that it is one of the best All-In-One-Instagram-Marketing-Software.

Using Gramboard, you can easily automate your DMs to target your favored audience.


Here are shown the steps which you need to follow to auto-pilot Direct Messages on Instagram.

Step(1): Install Gramboard in your device, or you can also login to the website of Gramboard. If you don’t have an account, you can register with the sign-up option there.


Step(2): To automate Instagram activities, you need to add your Instagram account on Gramboard. You can also add multiple accounts on this application.



Step(3): Based on your preferences, you can use the filter options to target a specific group of audience on Instagram.



Step (4): Now, you need to compose your messages and enable Auto DM feature on Gramboard.

Once you followed all the steps, you can sit and watch the action. Gramboard will itself do all the process to send Instagram Direct Messages.


Automate Your Instagram DMs Now


To know more about Best Instagram Automation Software-Gramboard, you can check this video link:



Top strategies to utilize the potential of Instagram DMs for business.

Follow a Particular Style

Most of the influencers have their different styles, using which they converse with their followers. If you are also seeking attention from your followers, then you need to be creative with your style.


Based on the particular style of your tone – Humourous, Friendly, Formal, Aggressive, you can grow your influence on Instagram.

Pick Your Best Time Slot

It is possible to have a direct conversation using Instagram DM while for that, both users need to be active on Instagram.

If you are messaging someone active on Instagram, then you might be able to get a reply to your message as well.


You can also decide a time slot for DM. That way, your audience would also be able to expect the right time to hear from you.

Quick Replies on DM

There is a possibility that you would get a lot of similar questions which you can answer by setting a quick reply on DM.

It has a feature which allows you to write quick replies to such questions.


You can also make use of old threads and convert them into quick replies. That way, you could be able to respond to such questions which have been asked repeatedly on Instagram.

Give a Precise reply

You can rely on a quick response for answering similar questions. However, there might be a possibility that you need to modify your answers as well.  In such a case, you can also reply to your followers using DM. While you need to make sure that your audience is satisfied with your answers in the end. That would help you to enhance the credibility of your brand.


Using Instagram, you could be able to gain more exposure for your business, and it would also help you to get more followers on Instagram. While you can target such followers using DM and try to create more sales opportunities for your business. By engaging with the audience, you can also build the trust and reliability of your brand on Instagram.


Reading this article, you could be able to sort out queries you have about Instagram direct messaging and how you can make use of it to gain more benefit for your business on Instagram.


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