Instagram has more than 800 million users. The possibilities of creating and maintaining significant relationships with your followers are almost limitless.  Knowing how to mass dm on Instagram like a pro will uplift your business. You can also create relationships with the community on Instagram.

how to mass dm on instagram

Why mass dm on Instagram?

Direct Message provides you with the opportunity of sending private photos, text or videos to almost anyone who is using Instagram. The good news is that you can create groups of up to 50 users and send them information at once. This can be the situation when you met those people during an event or a meeting. You can send all of them circumstance-related content in one shot instead of sending it to one by one. Direct messaging is also the tool that you can use in order to make your followers feel valued and to let them discover the genuine and authentic person behind your business.

Knowing how to mass dm on Instagram can have a positive impact on your business. You will find the top 3 reasons why you should start using Direct Messages on Instagram.

  1. It is a good opportunity to learn about your followers

When people are reaching you via Direct Message is usually because they would like to find out something outside your news feed. They might want to know more about your brand, about your latest product or about your brand’s mission. This is a great chance for you to start growing a relationship outside the news feed.

  1. Making your way to the network opportunities

Direct Messages represents a powerful tool when it comes to building one-to-one conversations.  People’s attention can be instantly captured with this unique feature. Knowing how to mass dm on Instagram can also help you in getting the attention of the influencers in your business.  While an email can stay for a long time in someone’s inbox, a direct message can be seen right at the top of the Instagram feed. Please keep in mind that sending a direct message means that you have to be actively engaged in the news feed of the person receiving the message. Small gestures such as commenting or liking someone’s content will let the owner of that account know that you have an interest in his uploads. If your name is recognized this means that your direct message will not be perceived as random or spam.

  1. Develop relationships with your customers

If you notice that someone is interested in a lot of your content, this might be your chance to send them a direct message. Please keep in mind that sending a general message is not a good idea in this circumstance. People can notice who is being authentic and who is approaching them only for another sales pitch.

One of the secrets after you will know how to mass dm on Instagram is to stay active in the conversations taking place in your feed. Making your followers know that you are really engaged will make them feel more comfortable in using direct messages when they want to reach out to you.

How to mass dm on Instagram

The master tip for sending a mass direct message on Instagram is to name a certain group of people if you are sending them a direct message on a regular basis. This will make it easier for that group to be found. The group will not only be more memorable to your followers, but it will also provide them with a better idea of the group direct message scope and encourage them to engage in the conversation.

You will be aware of how to mass dm on Instagram after following the below steps:

  1. Go to the Direct Messages inbox and select the individuals who you want to include in your group and tap “next”.
  2. The “name this group” option should now be prompted.
  3. Once the name of the group has been updated, you will be able to send them your message after tapping the “send” button.

Another important tip is to ask for permission before creating a Direct Message group. Otherwise, the people might think that you are trying to spam them. The consequence is that your account might be unfollowed or muted.

Examples of direct messages

  1. Planning a large-group event

Direct Messages are the perfect solutions when you want to meet up with friends or with the persons with whom you attended a conference earlier in the day. Since you can add up to 50 persons to one direct message, why not organizing this way?

Example: “Hi all, I dare to say that that we connected after the Q1 meeting. Does anyone want to have breakfast and continue our discussion?”

  1. Get interviews, feedback, quotes

Direct Messages can be used by brand managers, journalists or bloggers in order to ask for quotes and testimonials. When you know that the feedback received about your brand will be positive, you can do this publicly. But if a relationship with the feedback provider is not built yet, or you are not sure if they will provide it. Using Direct Messages is a discreet way of reaching out.

Example: “Hello [name], pleased to meet you virtually. I noticed that you downloaded our eBook and you shared it with your network on Instagram earlier this week. We’re looking for feedback related to its contents. Do you have a few minutes to help us and share your opinion?”

  1. Introducing like-minded accounts

You have always thought that two of your friends on Instagram will have common subjects to talk about since they are in the same field. Maybe they will find a way to collaborate and, why not, help with your business. You can use direct messages to introduce them to each other. This tool is a private way to connect brands or two or more people.

Example: Hi George and Simon! Since you are both in the photography field, I thought I would introduce you to each other. I’ve worked with both of you, and really think you’d have a lot of ideas to share – maybe even collaborate down the road. George, I know Simon was looking for a Nikon pro and I think you just might fit the bill! I’ll let you guys decide.”

Regardless of how you decide to use Instagram after getting familiar with how to send mass dm on Instagram, the main point remains the following. Success is conditioned by giving value. You need to be genuine to the people you are speaking with. People are expecting the engagement first-approach that keeps them attracted to Instagram also from direct messages.

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