It’s been quite a long time to help its users post longer videos. Despite providing the facility which has been probably the longtime desire of many Instagrammers, this feature is yet to gain popularity.

Since the day it was launched, IGTV stayed as a secondary element on Instagram. Moreover, this feature was out of sight of many people. Although Instagram tried a lot to lure the audience by making big influencers to promote its new video platform, still all those efforts do not seem to be enough.

Realizing this, and with the increasing popularity of similar applications like Snapchat and short video app Tik Tok, Instagram has decided to give IGTV a new touch.


IGTV videos


Earlier, the appearance of IGTV videos was in the horizontal format and displayed according to the categories “For you” ” Continue watching”  “popular” and “Following” (as shown in the above picture). But now, all these categories are removed from the main app. It seems like Instagram is trying to crib what is working well with its other two major competitors.


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Coming to the latest format of IGTV feed, it resembles more like the feed of TikTok, one single feed at the center with the video suggested algorithmically. And this brings more convenience to the users as videos recommended as per the behavior and interests of the users, which can be analyzed by the Instagram algorithm. Usually, the videos suggested are relatable to those things that users watch frequently.

Apart from the categories, as referenced above, Instagram has also changed the horizontal scrolling format in which one video used to keep on playing, occupying the top half of the screen. Now, it has replaced as a vertically scroll option (2x infinity grid pattern) with the recommended videos, much like “Discover” feed of Snapchat. Once you have finished watching one video, you will get to see a screen grid full of other clips to watch. However, you will come across this horizontal scrolling option only in the Standalone app or when you tap the browse button after watching one clip.

Have a look at the below image that shows you the comparison between the feed of all three platforms.



While Instagram is trying to straddle by making similar changes in the design as that of TikTok and Snapchat. But still, there is no guarantee of its success. Check out why?

TikTok is a platform that ideally deals with short videos. Therefore, the design of its feed works well, according to its functioning because when short videos are auto-played, they get over soon and in case the users get bored within 5 seconds, they can swipe to the next. On the other hand, IGTV is for posting longer videos, and generally large size videos take time to play. So when one recommended video auto-played instead of being chosen by the users and swiping to the next video takes time then, people might lose interest in those circumstances.

However, if the Instagram algorithm is capable enough to show the right contents that users like to watch, then these changes can do wonders. But in case, if the algorithm fails to get the right videos to the users, then things can also go differently.

As of now, it remains a question, whether IGTV can become a significant part of Instagram and will these changes can positively get the attention of the people.


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