Over the globe, there are more than 800 million Instagrammers — more than 500 million of whom use Instagram each and every day, sharing more than 250 million bits of content every day.

Those are huge numbers. And no matter who your audience is — age, gender, occupation, anything — you’ll be sure to reach them through Instagram. So the question becomes…

How to advance your business on Instagram?

How might you emerge among alternate millions of photographs, videos, and stories posted every day? By what means can non-designers and beginner picture takers make excellent and creative content for Instagram?

To help you to get started on the correct note, I am going to introduce you one such fine Instagram Automation Software which is one stop for all your Instagram requirements.

But before we dig deep into it, you must know what features make an ideal Instagram Automation Software?

  1. The software  should be capable of managing multiple Instagram accounts
  2. The software  should be able to Schedule Unlimited posts
  3. The software  should provide Geolocation targeting feature
  4. The software  must wisely automate your liking, commenting and the following activity
  5. The software  must have Intuitive Dashboard with single click operations

A combo of all features sounds a perfect deal. Isn’t it?

A good Instagram Automation Software is worth your investment.

One of the best and the ultimate automation software for Instagram which helps you to manage multiple Instagram accounts with ease and also provide you with some power-packed features like Keywords filtration, Geolocation targeting, trending hashtags search, automation and scheduling of your posts and who wisely automate your liking, commenting or following activity.is –


Easy and simple set up. All you need to do is to simply Login with your Instagram credentials. That’s it! GramboardAi will then take your Instagram to a whole new level.

GramboardAi’s Main Features –

Account Management

Get ready to manage multiple Instagram accounts from one single place and that too with so much ease. With just one click you can add accounts as well as you can delete it. It is that much simple. Also with the help of Account checker, you can check the status of the account.


Time is Money. Save you hundreds of hours of manual labor by using the advanced audience targeting and filtering options. Get ready to rule the world of Instagram like a Pro!

Automatic Scheduling

It is very important to have an active presence on Instagram. You cannot always stick to your phone 24*7*365. Some Days you will need rest and your own time. You can schedule your posts on a priority basis. GramboardAi will let you know when the scheduled time comes. Managing your posts and being active is one of the toughest tasks. Scheduling your posts makes you stress-free.

Increase your Instagram audience organically using smart automation. GramboardAi intelligently automates the activities such as (Following, Liking, Commenting, Unfollowing) that you want your account to perform.

Media Filters

You can media filters and users you interact with based on a number of likes, number of comments, an age of media, followings of users, number of media posted in an account.

GramboardAi will help you to analyze your content. It also helps you to get the insights of your presence. It will check your status among your followers. It will provide you the detailed reports in which you will be able to know how your strategies are working. Where you have to work more, what are your customer expectations, which of your posts getting more likes, which posts are not working. This will help you to plan strategies and your posts subsequently. Keeping your followers in mind and the motive to gain more traffic, GramboardAi help to manage your posts and keep track of the performance of your account.


Get rid of the unwanted. Now you can blacklist and block interactions with the useless users with GramboardAi.

Wrapping Words

GramboardAi is a very profound and legit Instagram automation software with so many top-notch features like multiple accounts management, geolocation targeting, auto-like- auto Follow-Unfollow, auto comment. The easiest way to plan, track and amplify your Instagram marketing.

  1. There are many automation software available in the market but what makes GramboardAi stand among the rest is its simplicity. It is very sound and simple to use.  
  2. You can execute automatic posts, auto comment, likes with so much ease and zero pop-ups.
  3. You can media filters and users you interact with based on a number of likes, number of comments, an age of media, followings of users, number of medias posted in an account.
  4. Keep track record of your account’s performance and a detailed analytics is processed.
  5. Auto schedule, likes and comments so as to keep in touch with customers on a daily basis.
  6. Strong customer support team available 24*7*365

GramboardAi has an impressive set of features and added astounding features to double your engagement with Instagram users and that too 10 times better and faster.


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