Let’s take a typic consumer who is using Instagram in the manner most of us do, they are looking and going through their Insta explore page or a hashtag feed and then a picture grabs their attention. The photo is outstanding, funny and beautiful, and the caption written is also completing it exquisitely. They click on the username and then check out the profile.

Regardless of what reason is behind your business brand being on Instagram, this is a crucial minute. Any sort of goal that your urge for  relies on these basic couple of minutes.

Because right at this particular moment, some quick decisions are taken, Are they going to follow you? Will they be reading your Insta bio? Tap on the Link? All these things entirely depends on how your Instagram profile has been designed. Was it majorly structured to grab the eyes, attain the maximum following and turn them into a fan?

When they arrive on your Instagram, the grid of thumbnails encircles the maximum screen. The decision will be affected depending on whether the grid looks appealing or unattractive. That is why, it is very important that you should plan your Instagram feed.

#1. Aesthetics

The first and the foremost thing which you need to take care of is how your Instagram Feed looks like. As it is a fact that we all love to look at beautiful things that are pleasing to our eyes and if your Insta feed is pleasing to the eye of the viewers then there are higher chances of them following you. Also if you want to get likes on Instagram this plays a major role.

So what makes an attractive and pleasing Insta Feed?

  • Play well with your color schemes

In case that you look at numerous well known accounts, you will see a comparable color palette over the entirety of their content, the subject may steadily change according to the time, however the key point here is consistency. A reliable color scheme will consequently exhibit your feed strongly and include a layer of feel generally reachable.

  • Shoot like a Pro

Terrible quality pictures, dull photographs and badly composed images will never work on Instagram. You must definitely start taking photography as a serious thing. You can also use different apps available to edit your pictures rather than going for using only the default edit filters.

  • The content of your content

You cannot just upload any sort of pictures and would think that it will work. You have to work accordingly taking the niche in your mind and should also see what your followers want from you. Their likes, dislikes should be considered. Also you must try to be unique with your content. People love to see things that are rare and one of its own kind.

#2. Planning is must

If you want a nice good looking feed then planning the post is an unquestionable requirement. You must take time to create your content. Use the creative side and also edit your pictures beautifully. You can take the help of various apps to give the best effects to your photos.

Also as you have to consistently and actively post for your audiences. You have to schedule your posts ahead of time. Today with the assistance of automation softwares, you don’t have to physically do the scheduling process. You essentially need to encourage the posts and the rest will be finished by the software itself, regardless of the possibility that you are not online at particular times. This can spare your off time but then you will be in constant touch with the groups of onlookers. One such fine software is Gramboard.ai. Your presence is what matters the most to your followers. If they find your account outdated then they will start having a negative thoughts about your business

#3. Mosaic Tile Effect

An extremely cool and ground-breaking strategy numerous mainstream Instagram accounts use is a mosaic tile impact on their Instagram feed.

Well you could conceivably have gone over this previously, yet a mosaic tiled feed, is the point at which a content is cut (truly) into upto 9 unique squares, the users at that point uploads them onto their Instagram feed, to make a bigger picture that can be seen when seeing the entire feed.

This will add and extra impact and your feed will definitely look amazing and creative. This will help you to stand out among the rest of the Instagrammers.

Building an aesthetic and extraordinary Instagram feed is the major part to engage more audience. You have to be authentic and at the same time creative too. The more real you stay, the more people will like you and will follow you.


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