Have you ever wondered how to download photos directly from Instagram? Unfortunately, there isn’t any. It’s not possible to download Instagram photos directly from someone else’s account. However, there are some methods following which you can save Instagram photos.

Here we have shown some of the most common reasons why people want to save or download photos from Instagram.

  • To get new ideas for creating aesthetic feeds.
  • To save your own Instagram photos which you have lost in your device.
  • You might want to check Instagram posts of your competitors.
  • You might want to save posts in which you have got tagged.

While it’s true that there is no “save photos” option on Instagram, which is because of copyright issues, there are a few ways utilizing which you can save or download photos from Instagram.

Do you want to know, “what are the strict copyright prevention rules of Instagram?”

Let’s check this out.

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Is It Okay To Download Photos From Instagram?

Instagram is strict regarding the copyrights of the content posted on its platform. In case you want to download aesthetics from someone else’s collection, you should learn about the copyright rules of Instagram.


Suppose there is a post on Instagram and you own the copyright of that post. In that case, as the rightful owner, you can:

  • Stop others from copying/distributing your work or 
  • Stop others for using your work for reference to create any new content.
  • You can allow consent for others to use your work.
  • You can restrict others from using your work without your approval.

However, these copyright protection rules do not long last forever. Eventually, your work will also lose its protection and become a part of the public domain.

Still, if you want to download the work of someone else, it’s better to ask for the permission to the owner. You might not want to cause copyright infringement issues with your work, as it will give a negative impression of your work on Instagram.

Now, you know about the Instagram copyright rules and ready to save photos from Instagram. Here you go:-

How Can You Save Your Own Instagram Photos On Your Device?

Do you click pictures directly from your Instagram? Many people do so, while they didn’t have any backup of what they have posted. In case, if you want to save those photos on your camera roll, you just need to follow some simple steps:

  • Go to the profile and tap on the button at the rightmost corner, which has three horizontal lines.


  • At the bottom of the menu section, there is a Setting button click on that.


  • In the settings go the account section where you will find the option Original Posts (For Android) and Original Photos (For iOS). Toggle it on.


As long as you have switched it on, all of the posts which you have created and uploaded on IG will get automatically saved on your device.

How To Save Instagram Photos Without Taking Screen-Shots?

You might have seen some of the most engaging and high-quality posts on Insta. Do you want to check them such posts again? To save such posts, you might be thinking of taking screenshots, while you have another much better option. In the year 2017, Instagram has added a nifty feature using which you can bookmark the posts you like. Using this feature, you can save IG posts on a remote folder within the application.

For example-

  • Here you can see an Instagram post. There you have flag option at the lower right corner of the post.


  • Click on that to save that post in your collection.
  • To access the photos which you have saved, go to your profile and click on the menu option with three horizontal lines.


  • There you will find the bookmark icon.
  • It will show you the photos which you have bookmarked on Instagram.


How to Organize Your Saved Photo Collections?

In case you want to organize bookmarked photos in the form of different collection, you can follow the steps shown here.

  • Go to your profile and click on the menu option.
  • There you have the saved option with a flag icon. Click on that.
  • It will show you the collection of photos which you have bookmarked on Instagram.


  • Here you can tap on the plus icon to create a new collection.
  • From there, you can add or shift photos which you have bookmarked earlier.

Using this feature, you can create photo-collections which looks like a feed on Instagram. Still, the content saved in the collection remains private. While the original owners of the photos won’t get notified when anyone else bookmarks their work on Instagram.

Even though this feature is not as popular as Instagram stories, still it can be pretty handy for Instagrammers who want to track the contents of their competitors or other influencers on Instagram.

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Reasons Why People Bookmark Photos On Instagram:

  • People would like to check the posts of the brands which they follow on Instagram. While they can also bookmark such posts to check it later.
  • Influencers are quite popular on Instagram while people would like to save their content to take inspiration from them.
  • You can also save the photos in which your name got mentioned (tagged). After taking the owner’s consent, you can share such posts again.
  • You can also use this feature to scout your potential competitors on Instagram. By saving their posts, you could be able to check the overall engagement on their posts. It will also help you learn and inspire to post better aesthetics on Instagram.

If you are an influencer or a marketer on Instagram, this feature can be pretty useful for you to know about your competitors. You can chase their ideas and learn more ways to enhance the quality of your own content on Instagram. To enhance your influence on Instagram, you can also make use of IG automation tool like Gramboard, which can help you to be ahead of competitors in your Instagram marketing campaign.


Here are shown some of the best features of Gramboard automation using which you can gain more views, likes and followers on Instagram.

  • The best feature about the Gramboard automation is that it let you manage multiple accounts. Based on the subscription you have taken, it allows you to automate multiple Instagram accounts.
  • It let you target specific audiences based on the tags, hashtags and usernames also.
  • Using this tool, you can also automate your daily Insta-actions. For example, you can schedule likes, comments, follows, unfollow and post media on Instagram.
  • There you have several filter options using which you can find out the media or users based on the likes, comments, followers/following on the particular post.
  • You also have the option to blacklist interaction with any particular hashtags, locations or usernames on Instagram.
  • To start your campaign, Gramboard can be the easiest solution, as it allows you to automate and check every action of your Instagram accounts.

Download Photos From Instagram:

These are the tricks using which you can save photos from Instagram. However, if you want to download original photos from Instagram, here are shown some steps following which you could be able to do so.

  • Log in your Instagram account using your computer device.
  • Open the post which you want to download. On the bottom of the image, you will find “…” button. Tap on that.


  • It will show you a popup menu. You need to click on “Go to post”.


  • Right-click on the post and select the view page source option.
  • It will show you HTML coding information. From there, find the key – “.jpg”.


  • Select the very first link, which shows “.jpg” in your search results.
  • Open that link in the new window of the browser.


  • The original image will appear, you can right-click on that and save it from there.

These are some of the genuine methods using which you can save/download photos from Instagram. However, if you are quite desperate to access some private stuff on Instagram, then you can also make use of the third-party tools. While you also need to be sure about the copyright and the strict rules of Insta. Instagram is really stern about the data access requests.

To be on the safer side, I would suggest you use to follow the procedures and ask for the owner’s permission before accessing any IG post. If you have any suggestions regarding this subject, please write to us in the comment section.


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