Social media is probably one of the easiest and cheapest ways to promote your business. In this article, we will talk about how you can grow your business using various social media platforms. We will also bring into discussion the social media automation process: what is it and how to use it. We will also talk about social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and Twitter.

How can social media help you promote your business?

Being present on social media has become essential nowadays. Using social media platforms correctly can have a significant impact on your business. If you create a good strategy you can put your business on top of the iceberg.

We will discuss three ways you can use in order to promote your business through social media channels.

Make sure you are using the proper platform

Even if the social media platforms are numerous, remember that choosing the right one in order to upload your content is essential for your business. It can be your key to success or your road to failure.

It is crucial to have in mind your targeted audience and your type of business when choosing where to promote your content. People need to easily connect with you.

You can do some research to determine the appropriate social media platform. You can check the pages your audience is accessing and you can use them too.

Stay engaged

In order to make people see the person behind the brand, you need to interact with them. In the end, you are part of a social media environment and you need to be social, even if virtually.

Make people feel valued, build trust, respond to your audiences’ comments, add comments on their posts, ask questions, stay connected with them. You can also engage through social media automation. We will talk later about this.

Don’t promote too much

It is okay to promote your business from time to time but don’t over-promote. People are looking for enjoyable content. They will consider you spammy if you will use too much brand advertising in your posts. You can follow the seven-post rule: for one promotional post add six content-related posts. They can be comments to a current event, questions or articles.

Social media automation-what is it and how to use it

Once you have started using social media channels as a way to promote your business, you need to know that there are many actions you need to perform in order to do this. The most important one is to connect and keep in touch with the people who are or might be your customers. You need to build trust and also to engage, empower and stay true.

social media automation

Let’s say that your brand has a significant online presence through numerous social media platforms. Your time is important. If you want to save it together with your energy, social media automation might play an important role.

Automation is the tool that will help you to keep your online presence visible. It will automate some of the tasks that you used to perform manually, such as comments, likes, messages, following/unfollowing people etc.


You can create a business page on Facebook and post special offers at least once a month for the users who like your page.

On Facebook, you can automate your posts, ad campaigns, accept/cancel friend requests, account unlock, websites likes, post/share content in groups. You can also reply to new messages, send friend requests, broadcast messages, planning and managing events, mass download images etc.


Social media automation is probably the most used among Instagram. This online channel is currently one of the most utilized marketing tools.

Here are some features that can be automated for this platform: comments, likes, follows/follows back/unfollows, publishing posts, repost, block followers, broadcast messages. You can also delete comments and posts, finding and extracting hashtags and/or targeted users etc.


Social networking website and microblogging, Tumblr provides users with the opportunity of posting different types of content, including multimedia to a short-form blog.

Tumblr marketing automation includes auto-follow, reblog, unfollow, auto-like, proxy support and posting on auto-blogs.


Setting up a business Pinterest profile will allow you to create more than one Pinterest boards. They can contain product interests or themes related to your business.

Social media automation can be used for: publishing posts, adding video pins, comments, creating boards, follow/follow back/unfollow, broadcast messages, proxy support etc.


You can use this social media platform in order to tweet unusual or interesting facts related to your business. If you are tweeting about a product, you can provide the product’s link on your page.

You can automate the following features:  publishing posts and comments, follow/follow back, reply to messages, like/ favourite, retweet, and broadcast messages. You can also find and extract engaged users/targeted users, find and extract hashtags, schedule profile picture change etc.

We have talked about how social media can help you grow your business and about automation. To summarize, you need to choose the right online channel, to engage and to avoid over-promoting.


Regarding social media automation, we have talked about some of the most utilized online channels. Even if you can automate many features, you need to make sure that you will not automate too many of these. People will be always looking for high-quality content. They can become frustrated if they follow an account which uses too much advertising. They can also feel unconformable if they receive random or general messages or if they will receive random comments to all their uploads. You need to pay attention to their needs. You can use automation with caution. Social media remains social even if it is online.

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