If you ask a marketer or an entrepreneur regarding the best social media channels for marketing, they will definitely put Instagram in the top three. With over a billion users and more than 25 million business profiles, Instagram proves that images are more powerful than simple text.

Marketers put all the efforts to create and execute strategies on Instagram in order to reach their targeted audience and convert them into leads. Also, there are plenty of tools that are built to help in Instagram marketing.

But what separates a winning strategy from all the other strategies? It’s the extra effort that they put in leveraging all the basic features of Instagram. Instagram is a very useful but cautious platform. It doesn’t like the users who access any third party tool. Marketers need automation tools and bots and as Instagram hate them, it sometimes even ban such profiles. But is that all? No, it’s not just the use of automation bots that can lead to getting temporarily banned but there are several other reasons as well.

In this article, I will share about all such reasons that can lead to blocking your profile.

Getting temporarily blocked on Instagram

Mass Following or Mass Liking

Are you in the habit of mass following people or mass liking posts? Well, if yes, then I suggest you keep limit these activities. If you keep mass liking or mass following even in the manual way, Instagram will think that you are using a third party tool for it.

Here are the limits for an old account:

  • Number of likes per hour (max)- 60
  • Nr of follows per hour (max)- 60
  • The number of comments per hour (max)- 60
  • Nr of messages per hour (max)-60

New users need to be more careful with their activities. Here are the limits:

  • The number of likes per hour (max)- 30
  • Nr of follows per hour (max)- 30
  • The number of comments per hour (max)- 30
  • Nr of messages per hour (max)-30

Don’t be a Spammer

Do you know users who post comments on different posts that are nowhere related to it? Those people are the spammers, who just command the automation tools to post comments on their behalf in order to promote their page or business.

Such users are spammers and Instagram just hate them. If you ever do this and get caught by Instagram, you will be blocked instantly without any prior warning.

In order to stay in the good books, just post relevant comments and make a pause between your activities.

Posts that Violates Instagram’s Rules

In case you post images or videos that are not appropriate for social media channels, you can get blocked. Instagram only supports users who don’t post images or videos featuring sexual stuff, violence or anything inappropriate. Please be careful before posting your content if you want to stay active on the platform.

User Complaints

As stated above, Instagram is very cautious about its users. And if you mess with the users, you mess with Instagram. If a certain number of people report your account, it will be blocked immediately.

In order to keep the users and Instagram happy, just post good stuff, don’t mass like or mass follow, never post irrelevant comments and stay as normal as possible. And eventually, you will achieve your goals, without getting blocked.

Variation in IP addresses and Devices

In case you need to log in to your account from different devices then you’ll get the confirmation message via SMS. But if you use through different IP addresses then Instagram might suspect that your account has been hacked or is being used for spamming and it will block it.

Copyright Issues

Whenever you post anything, be careful about it and never publish someone else’s post without their proper permissions. Instagram doesn’t allow you to publish other’s content. In case you do so, tag that person if he or she is on Instagram and give credits in the caption. Furthermore, if you post videos that aren’t your property, Instagram will remove them immediately. Be sure that you have permission. If you don’t, the owner might report your account for using their stuff and Instagram will block you on the charges of copyright infringement.

Third Party Tools

In case you are a marketer who needs to manage multiple accounts or a business owner who has to manage the whole business then getting an automation tool is a necessity. But as Instagram doesn’t prefer using any third party tool, you need to be careful with it. The tool should be smart enough to carry out your activities.

In case, you’re looking for the perfect automation tool then Gramboard is the right match for you. Gramboard is an AI operated tool that is capable of both carrying out all the activities and also managing your authenticity in front of Instagram and the other users as well. All you need to do is go to Gramboard, set up an account and enable automation. Moreover, you can also try it for free for a few days to understand whether it fulfils your needs or not.


Instagram can be the perfect choice for your social media marketing strategy. You can do many things with Instagram like creating brand awareness, generate leads or simply drive traffic to your website. But in any case, you need to use the right tools. Be careful with your account and carry out the activities in the right way.

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