Last year was an enormous year for Instagram and its users. This visual content sharing platform reached 800 million users range and is continue to enlarge. Prediction is, it soon will touch 1 Billion range. Other social media sites are not seeing it as a competitor or threat because they know it has crossed the level. It is used by 500 million users on the daily basis which is 80% higher than any other site.

Instagram has started updating its features and has added some new options to it. Instagram is popular for its user engaging content and is now working hard to bring more advanced features. It’s highly used for business marketing and promotions. Business promoters are now are now in hurry to know as much about the trendy features on Instagram. They are keen to know how to get more followers on Instagram.




With 80% of advertisers wanting to expand their utilization of Instagram, the visual substance is more critical than any time in recent memory to a brand’s advertising system. Yet, for some brands, making an enthralling Instagram profile and producing excellent visual content by using Instagram features is important. 

Do you want to know about the trendy features on Instagram? If Yes, then you are at the right place. We will discuss 3 biggest trends to shape your marketing strategies for Instagram.

3 Biggest Instagram Trends For Shaping You Marketing Strategies:

# More Instagram Stories

Over 300 million or more Instagram stories are shared per day. This was the main reason for its success. Though the idea was first launched by Snapchat now it’s clear that Instagram has the upper hand even after adopting the Story idea from Snapchat. Instagram stories are widely famous. Visual contents have become an integral part of higher user engagement rate. It contains some highly used features including Super-zoom, Gif, Face Filters, and stickers.

More Instagram Stories

Recently updated features:

Type Mode: This is a promising feature. By using this a user can add a text-based story with or without picture or video.

Stories Highlights: Highlight is an amazing feature which allows the users to showcase the stories which they want to see by swiping up.

Proper Utilization of #Hashtags

Numerous brands are utilizing marked hashtags to connect with their group on social networking, yet these aren’t your standard #CompanyName hashtags. The hashtags are adjusted to the general brand rather than the item, and Instagrammers are urged to tag their photographs whether the item is highlighted or not — for instance, someone proposed that clients tag their workout photographs with #thesweatlife, which has created more than 68,000 posts from their group.


By making a marked hashtag, advertisers make a win-win circumstance for both themselves and their group. Brands get the advantage of expanded presentation to new potential clients through an Instagrammers photograph, and Instagrammers affection to be included on a brand’s profile for both the notoriety and the increment in followers.

Business Promotion

There are more than 25 million business profiles on Instagram and it has been noted that more than 80% user profile on Instagram follows some business profiles. People daily visit one business account on daily basis. With various feature business promoters now tag and promote their brands and products just by a tap. Instagram was/is used as a free marketing tool for many businesses and it brings high engaging contents for users. There are many micro and macro influencers which help in the marketing of products and brands by influencing other Instagram users to become permanent buyers.

Business Promotion



With such a large number of Instagrammers hoping to build their tailing, it’s simple for even little organizations to pick up the introduction to a wide group of onlookers by building associations with influencers in their group. While numerous expensive brands are paying truckloads of money to collaborate with clients that have a great many supporters, both little and medium organizations are still ready to expand introduction by trading item for a giveaway, an advancement, or a little expense.

Over to you

2018 started as a big year for Instagram users. Many new features and option get added to Instagram. Prediction is made that this year will bring something huge. Let us hope to see more advance changes. Hope I explained every point well enough for you to understand. If you have any question regarding this, please drop a comment below and do let us know.

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