Instagram has started to rule the world of social media marketing, and since it has become a complete game changer, marketers have also begun to explore more and more ways of making it big through IG. But playing it hard isn’t always the solution. To stand out from the crowd, you need to work smart, and that’s why you need even more intelligent tools.


But are all the IG tools worth pairing with? When choosing a tool for Instagram, you need to have a highly attentive selection process. Your tools are your best companion and choosing the wrong tools can result negatively. The same is applicable while choosing an automation tool.


So, here is what this article contains-


  • How does Instagram Automation work?
  • Why do you need tools in the process?
  • The Best Tools for you.


How Instagram Automation Works?


Instagram automation tools are a small yet critical section of IG tools. These bots are specifically designed to help users perform necessary actions as liking, commenting, following and unfollowing other accounts. Though Instagram users perform these activities on a daily basis but doing it on a regular basis can kill a chunk of time.


Once you get a bot, you need to plug-in some demographics like age, gender or keywords to target and the rest will be done by the tool.


Now that you know how these bots work, you might be thinking about “why do you exactly need the tools?”


Well, as mentioned above, performing even the primary activities can take a lot of time and efforts. Social Media is full-time work, and you can’t manage both your social media presence and business at the same time. You either need to hire someone or use a third-party tool.


Though Instagram is not a very third-party friendly tool, there are still some awesome tools that can help you in the process. And you’re going to explore them in this article.


Top 7 IG Tools you can Use For Automation-



Choosing the right IG tool for the automation part, no other tool can match the level of GramBoard. GramBoard is an all-in-one tool for serving all the Instagram automation needs.


It makes it simple to automate all the activities like scheduling and automating posts, likes, comments, follow and unfollow activities. The tool is powered by AI and supports all the features needed for targeting and reaching the right audience through Instagram. Here are some other rocking features of GramBoard-

  • No Download- You don’t need to download any bulky software but can use it straight through the web.
  • Automate All the Actions- GramBoard’s smart AI is specifically built to serve your automation needs most smartly. Just enable automation and see the results.
  • Runs in the background- What is the benefit of using an automation tool if you need to stay active? With GramBoard, you need to need to be active; it runs in the background.
  • Highly Affordable- It is as affordable as $1 for a day.



Instazood is yet another powerful IG tool that lets you automate all the Instagram activities in a go. Instazood allows you to opt some general targeting ideas through which you can build a bigger audience. The ideas include-


  • Attracting followers who like a specific hashtag.
  • Attract the followers of a user who owns a hashtag.
  • Target by a location.
  • Target followers from a specific list.


Once you opt any of these targeting patterns, Instazood will start to target your desired audience only and try to build your network. Moreover, in case if you aren’t sure about the tool, you can also go for 3-days free trial and verify the benefits of using the tool.



Gramto is one of the best IG tools that handles all your Instagram activities on autopilot. The tool is managed by Team Pilot Poster and has successfully helped a bunch of clients. Here are the benefits of Gramto-


  • Auto Post to Multiple Instagram Accounts- With Gramto, you can instantly post to multiple Instagram accounts right through a single dashboard.
  • User-Friendly Interface- The platform is sleek, user-friendly and responsive as well. You can use it on any device and needs no prior technical knowledge.
  • Automate Activities- From targeting to following and helping you to build a network, Gramto is ready for your needs.
  • Free Trial and Great Support- To know about the tool and then decide, Gramto allows a 3-days free trial and also a 24×7 support team if you get stuck at any point.



InstaRocket is a mass liking, following and unfollowing IG tool. It allows you to automate the liking, commenting and follow/unfollow process within a few minutes. All you need to do is, specify your targeted audience, enable preferred automation activities and sit back.

Although the tool provides multiple premium packages as it doesn’t allow the free trial, it is recommended to try the basic one first to understand the platform first.



RoboLike is a highly user-friendly and interactive tool. It makes the whole automation a fun process and can be considered as one of the best IG tools. It is trusted Instagram bot that bring you followers in no time just by putting the targeting and interaction process on autopilot. Only three easy steps and you’re ready to rock your Instagram strategy-


  • Set up your Tags- Input the preferred tags and Robolike will only target users with its help.
  • Set your Time- It lets you decide how many hours do you wish it to run.
  • Watch it- Now that you have done a great job sit back and watch.



Why just talking about the web-based tools when we also have a few excellent desktop-based IG tools for automation. Socinator is an all in one social media automation tool that allows you to automate all the activities for all the leading platforms from a single dashboard. All you need to do is-


  • Download it.
  • Set the preferences.
  • And enable automation.



Looking for easy to use and reliable IG tools? Gramista can be your companion. With Gramista, you get a very user-friendly automation platform that provides a bunch of automation features like auto-linking, auto-commenting, etc.


Simply use demographics like hashtags, location, etc. to target a segment of the audience and watch Gramista growing your network.




Interacting through social media is of paramount importance when it comes to growing a business in today’s world. But for that, you need both smart strategies and even more intelligent tools. These IG tools are meant to help you grow your network on Instagram.


Mediocrity is not what social media supports, be among the top level players with these excellent tools.


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