Instagram is one of the most utilized social media platforms nowadays. Its users are continuously searching for methods of growing their accounts. Following/unfollowing an account is not always about liking or disliking that account. Users want to be “up to date” when it comes to the follows/followers.  Another significant reason is that Instagram allows its users to only have 7500 follows per account.

With the above reasons, we can talk about the need or the importance of using an Instagram unfollow tool.

Why do Instagram users need an Instagram unfollow tool?

instagram unfollow toolWe have referred to a few reasons why an Instagram user would unfollow an Instagram account. Next, we will take the discussion further. We will talk about 5 pertinent situations when it’s okay to unfollow someone on Instagram.

  1. Instagram’s account content does not represent a point of interest anymore

There are times when our interests change. There are also situations when people themselves change. If someone’s content is not part of your interests anymore, then this is a good reason to unfollow it. Also, if the account has not shared anything new from a while now, you might be thinking of unfollowing it. This can make space in your news feed for users with interesting content to share.

  1. An Instagram account is too automated

Nowadays, people are using Instagram as an important marketing tool. They can automate many of the application’s features in order to promote their businesses. This is not always a good thing. If you consider an account too automated, ask yourself if it’s worth to continue following it. This way you have a valid reason for unfollowing. If your concern is extended to a significant number of the followed accounts, then you may think about using an Instagram unfollow tool.

  1. An account does not feel authentic

An account starts to feel unauthentic when you have the impression that the one posting is carefully choosing what to post. People are usually following an account to see behind the scenes posts. This also applies for celebrities or well-known bloggers.  When everything seems to be too perfect, too happy no matter what or too posed, unfollowing that account might be an option to be taken into consideration.

  1. An account goes off-topic

Following someone usually means that there is a specific interest in that particular account. When someone you were following for your interest in fashion starts posting photography, you shouldn’t feel guilty for using the unfollowing option or an Instagram unfollow tool, if necessary.

  1. An account posts too often

Frequent posts from friends and celebrities we like are welcomed. Sometimes seeing too many uploads can make those particular accounts too noisy. Someone may be sharing content so often that you can barely see other posts in your news feed. Or if the posts are related too much to one’s regular daily basis activities, unfollowing them is a well-justified decision.

More reasons about why having a limited number of followers on Instagram can be found by accessing the following link.

How to unfollow an Instagram account

Unfollowing on iPhone and Androidinstagram unfollow tool

  • Open Instagram and use the “Login” option in order to access your account.
  • Tap your profile icon which is located in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • Access the “following” section located on the top-right corner of the screen. A list with the people you are currently following will open. The number above will let you know the number of followed people.
  • Tap the “following” button located next to a person’s name. This option is on the right side of each person you are following.
  • The “unfollow” option will appear in a pop-up window. Tap it in order to unfollow the selected person.
  • Repeat the above steps for every account you want to unfollow. Please be aware that some of the Instagram accounts, specifically the new ones, have a waiting time. It is of approximately one hour after unfollowing 200 accounts.

Unfollowing on Windows and Mac

  • Access the Instagram website. Log in if necessary.
  • Click on the person-shaped icon located in the right-top corner of the Instagram page. This is your profile icon.
  • Click the “following” section located below and on the right side of your username (located on the top of the account page).
  • Proceed with the steps described for the iPhone and Android in order to unfollow people.

These two options might work when your number of follows is not significant. Or when you have enough time to unfollow everyone you want manually. If not, you can think about using an unfollow Instagram tool. Especially when you want to bulk-unfollow the accounts that are not following tours. We will speak about the ultimate tool next. is specially designed to serve as an Instagram marketing automation tool. The only step that you need to follow is to enter your Instagram account credentials. It is the fastest tool when you want to unfollow someone who unfollowed you.

Looking after your recent un-followers is not needed when using Gramboard. The only action that you need to perform is to register and click only once the “Unfollow Users” option. This unfollow Instagram tool will do your job afterwards. Also, you will have the possibility of managing multiple accounts using only one dashboard.

The main benefits of using Gramboard are:

  • User-friendly and easy to use: only one click needed (“Unfollow Users”) in order for people who are nor following you to be unfollowed.
  • Speed: it’s the fastest tool when it comes to unfollow users.
  • Multiple Account Management: as mentioned above, you can manage multiple Instagram accounts in one place.


Using an Instagram unfollow tool is the best solution when you want your Instagram to be an important marketing tool. Growing your account continuously, keeping your interests up to date and the people you want to engage with are valid reasons why you should do this. Instagram is continuously changing and so are we. So why keep following accounts that are not generating any added value in our lives? Especially when we have the option of following new, fresh ones.

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