With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram has become one of the most powerful social media platforms. 500 millions users use this platform on a daily basis. And that’s a huge number.

Your profile on Instagram is what make the very first impression of your business brand and is the foundation of your Insta presence. Right At the core of your Insta profile is your Insta bio. It only offers just 150 characters of space to present yourself and affirm new visitors why they should care and should start following you and get engage with your brand.

Importance Of An Attractive Instagram Bio For Your Brand

Your Insta bio tells the users who visit your profile who you actually are, what you have got to offer and the reason why they should care. It is worth spending time in getting your bio right.

You bio might be the initial spot of contact for somebody who came to know your business brand by tapping on a particular hashtag. You need to make sure that your bio should make it very clear why one should follow your Insta account?  Does it vitrine the absolute prime of your respective brand?

An extraordinary Instagram bio features your brand identity and helps you to Gain followers on Instagram. It also entices visitors to make a move—regardless of whether that implies tapping on your link, visiting your shop or following your account. Your Bio also

What’s Incorporated In Your IG Profile Bio

Before you begin pondering what exactly to write, firstly you have to go through and understand each and every single component of your Insta profile.


Starting with your name when you got to introduce yourself surely makes sense. Incorporate your real/original brand name, but you do not need to halt there.

Under the Instagram search, the name and the username shows up, that is why these two are the major parts of your Instagram profile. Abbreviations of your brand name can also be used, in case people may use it to look up for you,  similar to Saturday Night Live does. 30 characters is the limit.


The Username is basically your identification on Instagram. It’s your @ handle, and it forms the part of your profile URL (instagram.com/username). Utilize a constant handle over all the social media platforms to make it simple for individuals to discover you.


Only place where you put up clickable link.

You can easily change the URL as frequently as you want. You may need to post the link of your freshest or most essential content (like your most recent blog entry or video) or a landing page explicitly for visitors directing from Instagram.

Contact Information

To allow people to contact you, get directions or email directly, businesses can incorporate Contact buttons.

Whatever address you put up on your business profile on Instagram, it got appeared below your Instagram bio. Do not worry – any of your bio character count will not be used. This is yet another incredible way to free up space for more captivating Insta bio.


If you are having a business profile on Instagram you can add the category under your name in the bio so as to make people aware of who you are and what you do at one glance.

This can free up space on your bio because you don’t need to explain again. Although it appears only in the mobile view, so you cannot say whether everyone will see it or not.

CTA Buttons

To urge individuals to make a move directly from your Insta bio with Call-to-action buttons. These enable your Instagram followers to initiate actions like purchasing tickets for your upcoming events or book a space at your cafe etc.

Verified Instagram Badge

The tiny blue check mark in front of your name is extremely valued and treasurable since it guarantees visitors that they have landed on your approved & authorized Instagram account.


At last, the Bio. You have only 150 characters to describe your identity and what you do on your Instagram profile. It ought to likewise pass on your brands novel identity and demonstrate your onlookers that they have gone to the correct place.

You have to be really creative while composing your bio. As you have a very small space and you need to use it in a way that more and more people gets attracted towards it. For this you have to practise some really nice Instagram bio approaches & ideas to make your bio stand out from the rest.

So, let’s get into how to write the best killer bio for Instagram –

How to Create the best Insta Bio?

Exude Personality

Your IG bio will be your introduction to your new followers. Bios which are boring won’t motivate individuals to tap on the follow button, even in case you have some really great pictures in your feed.

Your pictures and videos show users what you do. And Your IG bio is your opportunity to disclose to them your identity.

You must be able to deliver the important information here in key points.

In case you’re an individual business proprietor, what are your unique aptitudes?

Are you a local business?

Are your products handmade?

Canadian Blood Services works admirably of demonstrating the significance of their work utilizing a definitive, human, and properly genuine brand voice.

Add Hashtags

Including hashtags on your bio will make it more interesting plus it is an incredible way to get linked to the tagged content. Adding up a branded hashtag will be very helpful to advertise and gather user-generated stuff.

Destination BC make use of the hashtag #exploreBC to rack up gorgeous user-generated pictures from around the province.

Experimenting with Emojis

Just in one single character Emojis pass on a great deal of information. They are an incredible method to feature your image identity and deliver major details in a very little space. Emojis makes your bio look more attractive and colorful.

The Netflix food shows account DontWatchHungry utilizes a series of emoticons to ensure guests know initially they’ve landed on a profile that is all about Food.

Here are few emoticon shorthand to start out –

Ghost emoticon ? : Use before your snapchat handle

Location Pin? : Use before your physical area or address

Envelope ? : Use infront your email address

Pointing finger downwards ?: Use in the last line of your bio to point to your clickable URL

Flags: Can be an incredible method to show your home base or to feature your nearby business brand accounts in various countries and languages.

Use line breaks & proper spacing

Individuals do not prefer to read large para sized data on web. Rather, they filter for tiny sized chunks of information. Make that data simple to distinguish utilizing line breaks.

Modern Tiny Living uses emoticons as visual cues to flaunt key focuses about their company that wouldn’t exactly bode well written in paragraph form.

Striking Call-To-Action

Make sure you stuff the right and bold call to action to your Bio. Make sure you become successful in making your visitors know what to do next after they visit your profile.

You need to be 100% sure that your CTA strongly supports your Insta marketing goals, and dwells with the clickable link in your bio,  like Victoria Emerson Design does with its call to action: Come see what you love.

With these brilliant Bio Tips and Ideas- You are definitely ready to make a bio that catches the eye and showcases the best of your brand and urge visitors to follow, like and even buy, all in just 150 characters or less. As we all know that First impression is the last impression. So, why not make people a big fan you at the very first glimpse itself by setting up a killer Bio?


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