As you become our customer,  we will cater to all your needs, just like how it has been agreed to in our terms and conditions. We will give you a consistent and detailed track record of your account on a regular basis, and this will give you a clear idea about what is really happening in your account, and how much has it progressed as well. We will be providing you with all important notifications or updates via our dashboard. For hiring or using our services, you need to first have a valid and genuine credit card. You have the opportunity to cancel your subscriptions any time, but be sure about refunds, as we strictly do not entertain any sort of refund policies for the same, and until you cancel your subscription you are liable to pay for the service as well. At the time of the purchase, some billing data will be collected from you, and based on these data your taxes will be calculated accordingly. Also, we do not provide refunds based on results, because there are actually many uncontrollable or unmanageable factors associated with the automation process. We believe in keeping all our policies clear and transparent to our users, and that is what we have been doing for a while. So trust us, and we would strive hard to provide you with the best of services, we can give you.